The top beaches you will find in Cabo de Gata

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 30 June, 2022

We are not exaggerating when we say that Cabo de Gata has some of the best beaches in Spain. That's why we love it! From our point of view, the charm of this well-known region of the Spanish Mediterranean coast is that, in turn, it is a mystery. Among its steep mountains and other geographical accidents there are many hidden corners where you can sunbathe and immerse yourself in the transparent waters of the Mediterranean.

the best of the beaches and coves of Cabo Gata Natural Park is that, being so many, there is everything and to cover the tastes of anyone who passes by. From coves of a few meters and solitary to extensive sandbanks with a large capacity, passing through some urban beaches next to towns painted with white lime.

Among so many options, we are going to make it a little easier for you with our own selection of the best beaches. I'm sure you'll love them!

The most hippie atmosphere in San Pedro cove

Really, the cove of San Pedro has its own hippie community. This charming beach is one of those hidden oases in the natural park that you must visit yes or yes, you have no other option. Its turquoise water will confirm it. Furthermore, it is about one of the beaches where nudism is practiced in Cabo de Gata.

To get there, you have the option of going up the mountain and along the coast from the heights of the cliffs, until you reach the descent to the cove. On the other hand, boats also leave from the nearby town of Las Negras, where you could park your vehicle.

Playa de los Muertos, top in Cabo de Gata

This imposing stone beach is one of the most popular due to its fame. If you go there, you will know the reason for its success. Many claim that it is one of the beaches in Cabo de Gata with the bluest and clearest water. This peculiarity makes it a good place to snorkel, but watch out for the currents!

We recommend staying in the area to the right, where the descent is, as it has the best views and is more natural. To get there you have to park in the car park next to the road and, from there, go down the designated path until you reach the beach area.

The combo of Cala del Plomo and Cala de Enmedio

We have taken advantage of the fact that we wanted to include both to talk about them almost together, since they are very close to each other. Only a mile and a half separates them and, in fact, Cala de Enmedio is only accessible on foot, from Cala del Plomo, or by boat.

To get to the surroundings of Cala del Plomo, you have to travel a long dirt road with your motorhome, camper or minivan and look for parking before the road for vehicles ends.

Mónsul, a movie location

Anyone who has seen the "Indiana Jones" series You will recognize this beach. Remember Sean Connery chasing away seagulls? He went there. However, it has not been the only audiovisual recording that has been produced in this place: advertisements, video clips, etc.

The truth is that the whole is quite striking, between the volcanic formations (which have dyed the sand black), the identifiable rock (known as "La Peineta") and the enormous dune.

About Mónsul, you will also be interested to know that it is a good place to dive and has a car park next to the beach itself.

Las Negras, one of the few urban beaches in Cabo de Gata

When we say urban, do not imagine a huge population. Black is one charming district where to stop to eat and have a drink, either in one of its magnificent establishments or on the beach.

Although it is in a population center, Las Negras beach is quiet. The image with its fishing boats gives it a maritime touch that takes us back to another era.

Los Genoveses beach, nature in its purest form

Los Genoveses is another classic of the beaches in Cabo de Gata. Unlike the many coves in the natural park, this beach is quite extensive (more than a kilometer long). Of course, this does not mean that it loses the essence of the area, since it is a virgin beach.

The landscape is characterized by including a fairly wide meadow behind the beach, where prickly pears and pitas abound.

And to plan the trip to all these and other beaches of Cabo de Gata?

Although this list has been prepared in a classification format according to our criteria, you will have to organize an itinerary to make the most of your days in Cabo de Gata and get to know all the possible beaches, right?

In another article on our blog we leave you a route with which to know what to do if you travel to Cabo de Gata in a motorhome. To stay overnight, you have several options in the area that are available on our platform:

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