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Motorhomes are welcome at Bolonia beach!

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 13 June, 2022

With the arrival of summer, it is time to visit those unique beaches scattered throughout the Spanish coastline. One of the most emblematic is the Bolonia beach, which has become a favorite destination for motorhome drivers. Honestly, it could not be otherwise, because its crystal clear waters, fine sand and the peculiarity of being practically virgin form a very attractive combo for visitors.

Continuing with the advantages that Bolonia beach offers us, we cannot forget one that is of particular interest to the community of Áreas Autocaravanas. It has a space enabled for motorhomes, caravans, campers and minivans! Its about Bologna area, a classic of each summer period on the Cadiz coast, as it ensures a space for your vehicle a few meters from the beach. You can even walk from there.

Curiosities why you should visit Bolonia beach with your motorhome

The four kilometers that run along Bolonia beach are a natural paradise that is presided over by the impressive dune that the wind and sand have been forming over time. This dune is one of the main attractions of the area and has a beautiful picture of the environment from its heights. We assure you that the upload will guarantee you good photos if you want to “posture” a bit on your social networks. Check it out in the following image... There are plenty of words, right?

bologna dune

At the other end of the beach, if you head south, rocky coves have been forming that stand out for being less crowded and quieter. This area is known as the Claudia's Baths and it has We already told you that the Extremadura region has several of the best bathing areas in Spain. In this second case, we go from the province of Badajoz to that of Cáceres, already bordering Portugal and Castilla y León. And, in a special way, we changed the term “beach” to “swimming pool”. Throughout the Sierra de Gata a considerable number of. In the case of leaving the motorhomes within the area on the beach of Bolonia, we warn you that you will have to walk a bit, but the reward will be worth it.

Without a doubt, the layout of the beach, in the limit of the Natural Park of the Strait and located between various geographical features, such as pine forests, mountains and cliffs, have allowed it to remain a practically virgin area, away from large urban centers. Thanks to this you will find a beach of fine white sand and brightly colored waters. You can drive there from the N-340 road and you will reach one of the limits in the south of Europe, coming to see the African continent. Moreover, if the day is very clear, you will even see the minaret of the Moroccan city of Tangier.

Baelo Claudia, the cultural claim of the area

Bologna is not only a place to sunbathe and swim in the Strait of Gibraltar, it is also referent of the Roman sites in Spain by housing the Archaeological Ensemble of Baelo Claudia. This National Historical Monument was an outstanding commercial city in Roman Baetica, from its construction in the 2nd century BC. Excavations carried out since its discovery have brought to light the forum, the theater, the market and some of the religious temples dedicated to the main deities of the Roman Empire.

If you are a citizen of the European Union, you will be interested to know that your free entrance to the archaeological complex and its museum, where some found pieces are exhibited to learn more about how they lived and traded in Baelo Claudia.

claudia baelo set

Shows to take advantage of the visit with your motorhome to Bolonia beach

The cultural offer in Bologna does not stop there. Summer is the perfect time to get there, as you will find all kinds of artistic shows next to this unique beach. In fact, the Roman Theater of Baelo Claudia resumes the life of past centuries. The reason is the celebration of Host Festival, which will fill the nights of August with all kinds of performances: music, theater, dance... You can consult the complete calendar and buy your tickets for the Host Festival on the website of the Junta de Andalucía.

At the time of spending the night with motorhomes or similar, we remind you that you can reserve your place in the Bolonia beach area. A perfect plan to enjoy the summer in the province of Cádiz!

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