destinos de montaña para viajar este verano

5 mountain destinations to travel this summer in Spain

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 12 July, 2022

Are you one of those people who takes advantage of their vacations to disconnect in the middle of nature? Perfect! You have come to the right place, because we have for you five mountain destinations you can visit this summer. Taking into account your starting point or the planned route, we have distributed ourselves throughout the map of Spain to offer you several proposals to travel with your motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan.

How could it be otherwise, in Áreas Autocaravanas, we have spaces to spend the night very close to these locations. This is how we make your trip easier and more accessible with your vehicle!

Valles Pasiegos, much more than gastronomy

In the middle of the Cantabrian Mountains, lovers of good food will find the best sobaos and delicious quesadas. Los Valles Pasiegos is an environment where the purest nature of northern Spain reigns. The Pas, Pisueña and Miera rivers form this green valley that concentrates several rural population centers. These stand out for their characteristic Pasiega cabins and are: San Pedro del Romeral, San Roque de Riomiera and Vega de Pas.

In the community of Cantabria itself, the Camper Motorhomes Cantabria area, in the town of Caviedes, is a magnificent place to move to the Valles Pasiegos. Of course, this space also offers you the chance to visit other points of interest in the region, such as the Oyambre Natural Park, the beaches of San Vicente de la Barquera or Santillana del Mar.

Picos de Europa, one of the favorite mountain destinations to travel in summer

Two things happen with the Picos de Europa National Park: if you've already been, you'll be wanting to come back, and if you haven't seen it yet, you're taking a long time! This mountain destination is one of the most visited in Spain, as it brings together a considerable heritage of both natural and artistic type. Of course, it also stands out for its typical Asturian cuisine, which must also be taken into account. Its rugged landscapes, where nature reigns, are mixed with numerous Romanesque and Gothic churches and a deeply rooted culture of its own, where legends and epic stories are not lacking.

Among its towns, we could highlight Cangas de Onís or Llanes, with multiple activities and places of interest. Without a doubt, it is a complete experience that you cannot miss. And to spend the night? You have at hand the already mentioned Camper Motorhomes Cantabria Area or arrive from the Camping Cistierna, in the province of León.

The most serrana stain

Castilla-La Mancha has several very attractive mountain areas, such as the Calares del Mundo and La Sima Natural Park. Here is one of the largest and best preserved forest masses in the entire Iberian Peninsula. One of the key points is the Chorros del Mundo, a set of limestone with an 82-meter waterfall. This geographical feature humidifies the environment and favors the development of multiple plant species.

The Chorros del Mundo are located 45 minutes from the La Tejera Motorhome Area, located in the natural area of ​​the province of Albacete.

Sierra Nevada can also be a mountain destination in summer

You can also go to Sierra Nevada during the summer holidays. All kinds of events are organized in the Natural Park of Granada sports and astronomical activities during the summer months. Can you imagine going on a hiking route under the stars? Well, it is possible in Sierra Nevada, as long as you make your Advance reservation.

To regain strength and leave your vehicle, it is not necessary to leave the mountains, as we have our own space right there. Its about Camping Ruta del Purche, from which you can also visit the magical city of Granada.

Hiking lovers have their meeting point in the Lozoya Valley

the entrails of the Sierra de Guadarrama hide the mighty Valle del Lozoya, a place you can visit at any time of the year. That means that this is one of the recommended mountain destinations in summer. Here the multiple hiking trails and the amazing viewpoints around the Lozoya River stand out. You can also make a recommended itinerary with your own vehicle on the designated roads.

Among the towns in the area, do not miss the monumental medieval town of Buitrago de Lozoya, where its walled enclosure stands out. Just 400 meters away you have the Camper Area Sierra Madrid, where you can reserve a place for you and your motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan.

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