Qué hacer en Cabo de Gata

What to do in Cabo de Gata if you travel by motorhome?

By: Motorhome Areas - Published: August 7, 2020

We know that the current situation is complicated, but it is also helping us to rediscover Spain during the summer holidays. We, for example, have traveled in the motorhome to the eastern part of Andalusia to visit a paradise bathed by numerous beaches and coves. We refer to Cabo de Gata, so we are going to tell you what to do there thanks to our experience.

First of all when starting a trip is, how could it be otherwise, establish the base from which we are going to move through the area. The choice was the Camper Park Cabo de Gata, an area located in a strategic point of the park, near the town of San José and, with it, the connections to which to reach all the beaches of the Natural Park. To counteract the hours on the road, the journey we made day by day went from the most remote area to the closest. In the last days tiredness is already accumulating and it is better to spend less time driving.

Day 1: Playa de los Muertos and Agua Amarga

To begin with, and near the exit of the park, the beach of The Dead It is one of the largest, with incredible blue water. The curiosity of this beach is that it begins as small stones that decrease in size as you approach the water, due to the erosion caused by the waves. It's easier to get the sand off your feet when you leave! As a recommendation, ask if he is up the day you go, as the bathroom becomes a bit dangerous.

The beach car parks are located on top of a hill from which we go down to the sea. On the other hand, going back and going down the road, we reached the charming town of Bitter water, with a very Mediterranean aesthetic and a charming square where we can stop for lunch.

What to do in Cabo de Gata if you travel by motorhome?

Access to Cala de San Pedro

Leaving the town, we reached the Cala del Plomo down a dirt road. It is worth visiting and visiting the neighbor as well Cala de Enmedio, which can also be reached on foot from Agua Amarga.

Day 2: Las Negras and Cala de San Pedro

The town of Black ones It is one of the best known if you are looking for what to do in Cabo de Gata. It has a wide range of bars and restaurants from which to have a drink overlooking the Mediterranean.

Although it has its own beach, on each side we find two coves that are worth visiting. The most famous, despite its difficult access, is the San Pedro cove. Although there are people who park their vehicle in the town and walk all the way, we assure you that you can go up until you reach a parking area before starting the journey on foot. You are going to save part of the walk. After skirting the mountain, this small cove will welcome you with a view from the heights. There you will realize its value.

Its crystal clear waters and the cliffs that surround it make it an idyllic setting for all who visit it. As a curiosity, there is one of the settlementshippiesthat continue to exist in Spain.

On the other side of Las Negras is the Raven Cove. To get there you have to skirt the mountain too, but in our vehicle. As a curiosity, from there you can see a part of the already mentioned Cala de San Pedro, so the landscape is highly recommended.

Day 3: El Playazo and the viewpoints

What to do in Cabo de Gata if you travel by motorhome?

Isleta del Moro

Following the course of the coast, we reached the Rodalquilar beach, another beach with crystalline waters presided over by the San Ramón Battery, one of the fortresses that we will find next to the sea and that once served as defenses against the numerous incursions of pirates.

And, if you like views, we recommend taking a look at the viewpoints in the area. In that of the Amethyst we can contemplate the cliffs of Cabo de Gata in all their splendor, thanks to the considerable height at which it is located. A show for the senses.

Nearby, the Isleta del Moro It has another viewpoint that is lower, but it is worth going up at sunset to see how the sun sets on the other side of the small bay where this little town is located. Now, to top it off, we also recommend Los Escullos Beach, with its famous fossil dune.

Day 4: Beaches of the Genoveses and Mónsul

Near San José are these two virgin beaches, one of the most famous in all of Cabo de Gata. So much so that you have to regulate the entry and exit of vehicles, also paying a fee for parking that is intended for the maintenance of both. Another option is to take the special bus in San José itself. For these reasons, it is convenient to go very early and have a good time in both.

What to do in Cabo de Gata if you travel by motorhome?

Views from the dune of Playa de Mónsul

Los Genoveses it is located in a wide valley that ends in a huge beach of fine golden sand. The bay that surrounds it completes a setting that is considered one of the most beautiful in Spain. Advancing along the main road a little more we will reach Mónsul, dominated by eroded lava cliffs and an impressive dune. The volcanic origin has given the sand on this beach a very characteristic blackish color. If you like snorkeling, take goggles to see the fish swimming in its transparent waters.

And finally, and if you want to finish the trip in style, do not miss the sunset from the lighthouse of Cabo de Gata, next to the Arrecife de las Sirenas. It is one of the most beautiful pictures that a visit to the Natural Park can leave you. Of course, although it is close to Playa de Mónsul, you have to take a detour to get there.

With these ideas and tips, you can plan your trip through Cabo de Gata in the best way. Although here you have already done the route, you can adapt it as best suits you. The most important thing is to enjoy this unforgettable experience in one of the paradises that the country has.

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