areasautocaravanas.com is a project of MONOGESTIÓN AC, SL, the only company specializing in the management, marketing and advice in areas of motorhomes in Spain.

Tourism in rv is an increasingly widespread practice in Europe where it is estimated that there are in circulation around two million rv that move more than four million people.

In our country, according to data from distributors and manufacturers, more than 50,000 families who use the motorhome and increased user is constant. Even so, in Spain is not as widespread culture autocaravanista as it is in most european countries. And noted the lack of specific service areas for motorhomes that do exist in the great majority of the countries of the European Union. Areas where you can park the vehicle appropriately for the replenishment of water, emptying waste water and the night's rest.

In addition, we are convinced that we are faced with an initiative that constitutes an excellent opportunity, both for public administrations and for private companies, to take advantage of this tourism sector is emerging.

If you, individual, business, public administration or non-profit entity intends to participate in this booming sector, you can contact with us. We'll put all our work and knowledge at your service.

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