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The ÁREAS AUTOCARAVANAS ​​MÉRIDA is located in the parking lot of the Roman Theatre. It is one of the most modern car parks in Merida. It is equipped with the best technological facilities in terms of safety, accessibility and comfort. And it has a renewed and innovative image.

This RV area is particularly remarkable for its proximity to all the monuments in the historic center of Mérida. The Roman Circus and Casa del Mitreo are next to the area, from which there is only a five minutes walk to the Roman Theatre and Amphitheatre. Other landmarks in Emerita Augusta such as the Aqueduct of the Miracles, the Temple of Diana or the Roman Bridge are a ten-minute walk away. Mérida is a perfect city to visit on foot, walk through the streets of its historic center and walk along the river. Parking in the Merida area is the best option to enjoy the city.



Parking of the Roman Theatre C/ Cabo Verde, s/n 6800 (Mérida) (+0034) 619 261 325 / (+0034) 659 057 004 merida@areasautocaravanas.com
Type Latitude Length
GD 38.91902287 -6.33613459
GMS N38º 55' 8.48" W6º 20' 10.08"

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