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Reasons to travel to Portugal in a motorhome

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 29 July, 2022

Portugal is one of the best destinations to travel by motorhome. Yes, that's how resounding we affirm it. The Portuguese country has a complete variety of possibilities that attract numerous visitors from north to south.

In fact, there are many reasons to travel its roads and get to know the most interesting points on the map of Portugal (the toll is the least of it). We have put them together in a list in which we are going to take the opportunity to discover some secrets during your adventure.

Do not stay behind, because our journey is about to begin and we assure you that you will fall in love with Portugal. If you haven't gone yet, you'll be very excited. In the event that you have already been, you will want to come back for sure!

Why should you travel to Portugal in your motorhome?

we are going to introduce you eight reasons to travel to Portugal in a motorhome should be mandatory.

Maximum hospitality when you travel to Portugal

The kindness and hospitality of the Portuguese will dazzle you. Wherever you go, a smile from the local people is always waiting for you. So it's nice to travel around Portugal in your motorhome!

Portuguese gastronomy

Within the immense variety that you will find in Portugal, cuisine is also included. There is something for everyone! From the rich and immense francesinha in the Oporto area, until the seafood cataplana in the Algarve. Nor can we forget the grilled fish, the famous Bacalao Dorado or the charcoal chicken with the exclusive (and somewhat spicy) piri-piri sauce.

As for drinks, the port wine It is a delight for the palate of the most wine-producing. For dessert, the star recommendation is the Belem cream cakes.

Lisbon and your nostalgia

Saudade is the feeling of melancholy that arises when you are separated from someone or something you love. You will surely feel that way when the time comes to leave Lisbon, but it will have been worth it. The capital of Portugal will captivate you from the first moment, whether for walk along the great avenues and boulevards or stroll through the Alfama neighborhood.


Another of the outstanding cities if you are going to travel to Portugal in a motorhome. This city is steeped in its own charm and history. Go up and down its streets to get lost until you reach the banks of the Duero, where you will find the famous and huge Don Luis I Bridge.

The Algarve

So directly. The Algarve region is one of the coastal paradises that Portugal keeps. It is a place suitable for all audiences, as it has the option of partying in Portimao, surfing the waters of the Atlantic, surround yourself with nature on the Vicentine route or learn about the country's history in Lighthousethe Sagres.

As special recommendations, do not miss the sunset at Cabo de San Vicente, Ponte da Piedade and the nearby beaches and the Benagil cave.

The bay of Setúbal, one of the most beautiful in the world

Setúbal is located next to the sado river estuary, which ends in front of the Sierra de Arrábida Natural Park. The whole forms a wonderful bay that is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. In the aforementioned natural park there are several practically virgin beaches that you cannot miss. Among them, those of Galapinhos, Coelhos or Portinho da Arrábida.

Traveling to Portugal is leaning out of a balcony in the Atlantic

In general, the coast of Portugal is full of majestic cliffs from which to descend to quiet beaches and/or enjoy the views that it leaves us of the Atlantic Ocean. One of our favorite areas is in Peniche, a town that we recommend if you are going to travel to Portugal in a motorhome.

The inland charm of the Alentejo

Not only the coast of Portugal is worth it. There are also interior regions that you cannot miss during your route. The Alentejo, with its capital Évora at the head, is among the most outstanding jewels. This region has been a meeting point for several civilizations that have given it its particular idiosyncrasy.

Motorhome areas where to spend the night if you are going to travel to Portugal

It is possible to tour Portugal in a motorhome. In Áreas Autocaravanas we have made it possible after including three spaces spread across the country.

You can make your reservation directly from our platform and thus plan your itinerary more quickly. Your Portuguese adventure has just begun!

Reasons to travel to Portugal in a motorhome

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