falsos mitos sobre las áreas autocaravanas

False myths about motorhome areas

By: Motorhome Areas - Published: 10 August, 2022

We know. If you have come this far it is because they will have told you everything on the subject. However, there are certain myths false that you should know about motorhome areas. Our professional vision allows us to speak from experience and thus lend you a hand so that you can enjoy that trip you are planning in these mobile homes.

Although it is ahobbybooming, there is still a certain lack of knowledge when it comes to planning a motorhome trip, especially when it comes to places to spend the night. We are going to clarify some of the doubts that may have arisen or those arguments that have been told to you and it is necessary to specify.

The false myths about motorhome areas

Vehicles and parcels in the areas are small

That is what it may seem at first glance, but no. Obviously, motorhomes are not a house to use, but they are designed so that a couple or a group can move and rest with enough space. You will see the pleasure of traveling with a motor home! As for the plots, those responsible usually take into account the size of the vehicle and that it will bring several people, so they will need enough square meters to stay. Similarly, it maintains distance between vehicles and the area will not turn into chaos.

Personal hygiene is difficult

Not at all, this is a very frequent false myth about motorhome areas. If you have already traveled in this means of transport, you will have verified that it has a small bathroom and water reserves that you can replenish in any area. Furthermore, these include community toilets (in some cases, even private) so that you do not stop taking care of your hygiene.

Expensive? not as much as you think

Obviously, a motorhome is not usually cheap. What you may not know is that it is an investment with which you will end up saving. Staying overnight in one area is much cheaper than staying in a hotel and allows you to plan your route with greater freedom of movement.

The truths about the areas private for motorhomes

The spaces for motorhomes are divided into two: those with free access and free, on the one hand, and those with private payment, on the other. Although the first option sounds profitable, the truth is that private areas have certain advantages that make them the recommended option. After talking about the false myths, we are going to review the truths about private areas for motorhomes.

Well cared for spaces

The private areas are managed by companies or individuals, so it is a business that they will take care of to the millimeter to make your stay more pleasant and continue to count on your visit or that of people from your environment on future trips. In the end, its objective will be that the traveler's experience is totally complete.

They are completely legal

In certain regions and localities, parking the motorhome on public roads for the night is not allowed and can lead to significant fines. On the contrary, private areas avoid this type of concern, since they are areas enabled to leave your vehicle there.

security is guaranteed

Staying overnight in these reserved spaces also guarantees that you can sleep in complete safety. There will always be someone responsible for security and, if not, everything will be video surveillance. Of course, any unforeseen event or incident will be duly attended to by the workers who are there.

early booking

The traditional ways of contact and the appearance of platforms to reserve in motorhome areas they allow travelers to request their place in advance. This option allows better planning of the route and guarantees not to be left out by having the plot insured.

Multiple options between the private areas for motorhomes

The effectiveness of this method among motorhomes has caused private areas to multiply considerably. This circumstance translates into a greater number of regions and localities in which to spend the night. For example, in Motorhome Areas we already have more than 100 spaces distributed between Spain, Portugal and Morocco.

Check here all our available spaces and areas. It has all kinds of possibilities depending on the type of trip you are going to do, including exclusive experiences that you can also book from the platform. See you on the road!

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