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Mikki’s Place to Stay: a success story of our platform

Por: Áreas Autocaravanas - Publicado: 19 octubre, 2021

It has been a while since we arrived in Portugal. After making an initial balance, today we can confirm and present the success story of the first Portuguese area that joined our platform. Is about Mikki’s Place to Stay, en Algarve. We already anticipate that this place captivated us from the moment of our first contact.

Located in the middle of nature and with a lot of charm in its surroundings, Mikki’s Place to Stay was a very important step for us when we began our international expansion. Since its incorporation, we have not only included more spaces in the neighboring country, but we have also crossed the Strait of Gibraltar and traveled the roads of Morocco until reaching the gates of the Sahara.

The increase in reserves after the pandemic thanks to the success of our platform

In Áreas Autocaravanas We have always been very excited about the project that was presented with this space. The reason is that it offers all kinds of services that the motorhome community loves and that we will see later. However, it is true that it came at a difficult time for our travelers to have access, since it coincided with the closing of borders due to the pandemic.

After the complicated period of the restrictions and the progressive elimination of these, the definitive moment arrived for boost bookings at Mikki’s Place to Stay. The opening of borders came at the most propitious moment, since it took place in May, the date on which Algarve It is becoming a highly demanded destination for its offer of beautiful beaches and water activities. From that moment until the end of the summer, we have seen how the number of reservations on our Áreas Autocaravanas platform has increased to become a success story.

From April to today, this space has received a total of 39 reservations from Motorhome Areas, ranking as the sixth most demanded by users. If we break down the data, we see the progression over the summer, when it went from six bookings in June to August 22.

From April to today, this space has received a total of 39 reservations in Motorhome Areas, ranking as the sixth most demanded by users.

Why has Mikki’s Place to Stay become a success story?

The truth is that Mikki’s Place to Stay has all kinds of charms that corroborate the fact that it has become a success story for our platform. If you are a traveler, we recommend that you go see it because it is very worth it for a series of peculiarities that it boasts:

  • It is halfway between Lighthouse and Lagos, two of the main cities of Algarve.
  • Natural environment. The Exotic Universe Algarve It is an oasis within the area itself, with a considerable variety of plants, a lake-type pool, works of art and animals (including kangaroos).
  • Sustainable area, where a good part of the materials used are recycled.
  • Combining art and nature turn this space into a place of inspiration for everyone who passes by. In fact, the cultural association that created Mikki’s Place to Stay and currently manages it organizes all kinds of workshops where creativity is the main instrument to participate.
  • The bar-restaurant it is located in an old greenhouse. There they serve delicious food and all kinds of drinks, as well as including a recreational area with billiards, table football and darts.
  • Place multilingual where they speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French and Dutch.

In addition, to be a success story, it has the advantage of being part of the Áreas Autocaravanas platform. See all Benefits to which you have access and Sign up as a host.

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