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How to choose a platform for motorhome areas?

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Posted: October 8, 2021

Traveling by motorhome, caravan, camper, minivan ... This is the traveling trend that is gaining followers over time. Apart from the adventure of living a trip on wheels, the secret of its success hides another series of factors such as the appearance of online spaces where you can consult and choose a motorhome area platform.

This option allows you to optimize your trip planning much more, with greater anticipation and ease to manage reservations in the spaces intended for overnight stays with vehicles.

What are the options to choose between the different motorhome area platforms?

Currently there are several possibilities, but our recommendation is to bet on the experience offered by the first platform created in Spain with these characteristics: Áreas Autocaravanas. Not only the advantages it offers both for travelers and hosts of spaces, but also because it is the portal with the largest number of spaces. Almost 100 are already part of our community and have been able to take advantage of the profitability of joining our platform.

What differentiates Áreas Autocaravanas?

  • Speed ​​due to the possibility of direct booking from the area tab.
  • Accessibility. Thanks to the App available in Google Play and App Store, you can book as a traveler or receive reservations from any location. The distance does not matter!
  • 100% real feedback. Motorhome Areas users are verified from the moment they register. This means that other travelers will have the opportunity to know other people's true experiences and the hosts will know first-hand what users think about their services and facilities.
  • Adaptable. In the case of Motorhome Areas, the hosts decide the price, available services and schedule of reserves.
  • Avoid unnecessary worries. Us we manage payments of each reservation and we take care of liquidate your benefits obtained at the end of the month.

As an added bonus, we also include traveling experiences with which to complete the journey. All kinds of host of experiences are welcome: adventures, gastronomy, tourist routes ...

We connect travelers and hosts from different places

Among all the advantages that we have given you to choose our platform for motorhome areas, the main virtue and our objective is to connect travelers and hosts in a constructive and complete community for all who are part of it.

In fact, there are already three countries and two continents that are part of our Map of Areas: Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We continue to grow and we want you to too become part of our great traveling community.

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