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Mountain routes in motorhome

By: Areas Motorhomes - Published: 27 January, 2021

In these times, where life in big cities is increasingly common, enjoying nature when possible is a necessary good. Breathing fresh air and brightening the view with beautiful natural landscapes is a perfect way to disconnect from daily stress. The environments in the mountains give us the opportunity to make this type of getaway. Surely you, lovers of adventure on wheels, have done many mountain routes in motorhome, caravan or camper.

For that same reason, and so that you do not lose the adventurous side, we are going to recommend five mountain places in the Peninsula. How could it be otherwise, and to facilitate the planning of the trip, we will also tell you the best areas of each area to spend the night.

Sierra de Guadarrama

The natural border between Madrid and Castilla y León is one of the most visited places in all of Spain by nature lovers. If you are passionate about hiking and mountaineering, around the peak of La Maliciosa and the Sierra de los Porrones you will find several routes. In the past, these same roads were a place of passage and hiding place for bandits. Another area frequented by mountaineers is the Majalespino reservoir, where a very complete view of much of the mountains is presented.

Guadarrama is also a point of interest for history buffs, as there were numerous clashes during the Civil War. Constructions of the war still standing that can be visited. Going back a little further in time, the archaeological sites of El Beneficio and La Cabilda will take you back to the Roman and Visigothic times respectively.

As a starting point towards the entire Sierra de Guadarrama, the best place is the Camper Area Sierra Madrid, very close to the Autovía del Norte A1.

White Villages of Malaga

Serrania ronda mountain routes in motorhomeThe Serrania de Ronda It has one of the perfect mountain routes for traveling by motorhome. Each of the municipalities that make it up are a clear example of traditional Andalusian architecture, largely influenced by the Andalusian legacy. In fact, the layout of the streets in these towns has not changed much compared to that time.

The epicenter of this tour is the city of Round, presided over by the imposing Tagus that crosses the Guadalevín river. The house of the Moorish King and its mine, through which the Christians entered to conquer the city, the New Bridge, the bullring and the Arab baths are places that you cannot miss in Ronda. Not forgetting the many bars where you can have tapas in the old town. You can walk there from the Ronda City Parking, which has all the services for motorhome, caravan and campervan.

Babia y Luna Natural Park

babia natural parkIn case you did not know, you can be in Babia literally. It is a region in the Leonese mountains, of great value as an ecosystem and considered a biosphere reserve due to the variety of flora and fauna it contains. The human legacy cannot be forgotten either, as its peoples preserve the essence of other simpler times and the passage of past cultures, such as the Celtic.

We assure you that in the The motorhomes area Moriscal You will be very well received and they will assist you in everything you need.

Counties of the Pallars

counties pallars lleidaLocated between the Sierra del Montsec and the Catalan Pyrenees, the Pallars Jussà and the Pallars Sobirà they are two regions very frequented by two types of visitors. On the one hand, fans of mountain sports, on the other, art lovers. Nearby is the route of the Romanesque churches, of which we already spoke for being Heritage of Humanity. Another option in the area is to get to know the Principality of Andorra.

You choose what to visit, but you cannot miss the opportunity to spend the night with your vehicle in the The Area Points.

Sierra de Aracena

sierra aracenaSurrounded by holm oaks, cork oaks and chestnut trees, numerous paths for hiking or riding mountain bike they take us from one area to another of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park. This is abroad, but you can also reach the bowels of the earth in the Grotto of Wonders, whose entrance is located in the same urban area of ​​the municipality of Aracena.

If you are going to go there by motorhome, caravan or camper, you should know that the Camping El Madroñal It has enabled an area to park and spend the night in your vehicles.

The plans aren't bad, right? If you want to continue the adventure beyond these mountain routes in a motorhome, you cannot miss this article about adventurous destinations that we suggest for the last weekend of November. It is never too late to write them down on the list and experience them in the first person.

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