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Motorhome route through the medieval towns of Spain

By: Areas Autocaravanas - Published: 3 February, 2024

Surely if more than one person were asked what their greatest wish would be, they would answer that it was time travel to travel to times that are already part of our past history. Unfortunately, that is not possible and we don't know if it will ever be achieved... Or will we? Well, it depends how you look at it. The truth is that we do have the possibility of traveling to other times thanks to the existing heritage and the towns that have maintained the essence of past centuries. Like it shows, In Spain there are several towns with medieval reminiscences that will make you feel in the middle of the Middle Ages. Even some of them continue to remember this time in their typical festivals.

Let's discover some of the most notable medieval towns in Spain on a motorhome route that will captivate you. And yes, we will also reveal the closest areas so you can reserve a place in advance and spend the night with your motorhome.

Aínsa, essence of a medieval town in the Aragonese Pyrenees

In full Region of leftover, the town of Aínsa stands out for an urban complex that maintains medieval aesthetics in its houses and monuments, with Romanesque art being its main reference. Walk through its narrow cobblestone streets and discover one of the most beautiful towns in the Aragonese Pyrenees.

A few kilometers from Aínsa is the Rural Ecocamping Valle de La Fueva, where you will have a 100 square meter plot available and all the services for you and your vehicle.

Pedraza, the most medieval Castilla

The town of Pedraza, in the province of Segovia, still preserves its wall and castle from the Middle Ages. Additionally, you should also know your Plaza Mayor, considered one of the most beautiful in all of Spain. The stately Pedraza is, without a doubt, a medieval town in Spain worth knowing.

To get to Pedraza by motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan, the Camper Area Sierra Madrid It is a good option, since it is less than an hour away and also allows you to tour the Sierra de Guadarrama to see it in all its splendor.

Peñafiel and its imposing castle

The truth is that Castilla y León has, among many other elements of medieval heritage in Spain, some of the most impressive castles in the entire country. One of them is located in the Valladolid town of Peñafiel, located in the heart of the Duero Valley.

To visit this medieval town in Spain, you can reserve a place at the . This municipality where the Duero River passes is a perfect destination if you are a lover of rural tourism and/or wine tourism. Toro wine has its own denomination of origin and for this it is aged in numerous wineries where you can enjoy a good glass (if you are not going to drive the motorhome, eh?)., located north of the city of Valladolid.

Trujillo, World Heritage Site

In the province of Cáceres, Trujillo has one of the most spectacular and beautiful medieval complexes, declared a World Heritage Site. by UNESCO thanks to its rich heritage and for having been the cradle of great adventurers who crossed the Atlantic to explore the New World in America.

From the We already told you that the Extremadura region has several of the best bathing areas in Spain. In this second case, we go from the province of Badajoz to that of Cáceres, already bordering Portugal and Castilla y León. And, in a special way, we changed the term “beach” to “swimming pool”. Throughout the Sierra de Gata a considerable number of You can take the opportunity to go to Trujillo with your vehicle and also visit Cáceres, another World Heritage city with outstanding monuments.

Baeza, Renaissance example in Andalusia

although the Renaissance arrived just after the Middle Ages, we want to highlight the town of Jaén in this list because it also takes us back to past centuries with its stately buildings and a unique monumental atmosphere. Next to the neighbor úbeda, its historical complex is recognized as a World Heritage Site due to the uniqueness it represents for Renaissance art.

To get to Baeza with your motorhome you have two options: Camping El Cantonet or the La Serradora Motorhome Area.

Bocairent, one of the outstanding medieval towns in Valencia

Located between mountains, Bocairent is another medieval town in Spain that you cannot miss, its popular architecture and natural landscapes They give a good example of this. A perfect set to enjoy Valencia beyond the coastal area!

Reserve your place at Alfafara Camper Park, an area located very few kilometers from Bocairent.

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