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What to do in Sintra? Guide to sites and parking for motorhomes

By: Motorhome Areas - Published: April 25, 2024

Portugal is full of charming corners to explore in your motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan. From north to south, the historic cities and natural landscapes combine to form an exceptional and charming ensemble. Among all of them, in this article we are going to focus on one of the best known and visited, due to the fame that preceded it as a summer residence of the Portuguese royal nobility. We tell you what to do in sintra and what you can't miss to take advantage of your stay in the old city of high society.

A historic city in the heart of Portugal

What to do in Sintra? Guide to sites and parking for motorhomes

Sintra National Palace

Upon arriving in Sintra you will see a landscape that seems straight out of a story, with palaces and castles of all colors, surrounded by green hills that hide all types of buildings among their lush forests, such as fortresses or centuries-old monasteries.

As we have already mentioned, the history of Sintra is linked to the kings of Portugal and other nobles who were part of the court. All of them shaped the city until it became a point of reference for the society of the time and, currently, for numerous tourists. This historical condition, together with the panoramic view of the complex, has earned it the status of being declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

Once the presentations have been made and entered into context, it is time for you to be the one to know what to do in sintra and walk through its alleys and palatial halls.

What to do and visit in Sintra?

Among the main attractions, an essential place that you must visit in Sintra is the majestic Pena Palace, one of the most beautiful in Europe inside and out. To its sumptuous halls we must add the wonderful gardens. Another palatial option is the Monserrate Palace, of Arabic inspiration, and the Sintra National Palace, built in the 15th century and which currently preserves a curious style in its interiors, where different artistic styles are combined.

We continue the visit and arrive at the mansion known as Quinta da Regaleira. Designed by the Italian architect Luigi Manini, who traveled throughout Europe for inspiration, this symbolic and even esoteric construction hides all kinds of passageways and even a Masonic initiation well.

What to do in Sintra? Guide to sites and parking for motorhomes

Cabo da Roca

From the heights of Sintra we also find what is known as Castle of the Moors, a fortress of Arab origin that is located at the top of a rocky peak. Despite the intense climb, the views from the Royal Tower will be worth it (and will look great as the background of your photos).

In case you plan to leave the urban center, you also have the possibility of visiting the Capuchos Convent, hidden among the forests, or head to the coast. In this area you will find views of the sea of ​​the Cabo da Roca, the little town next to Apples Beach, the natural and wild Ursa Beach or the surfer Guincho Beach.

Motorhome areas in Sintra

Has Sintra conquered you and caught your attention? Then it's time to plan your visit and find a space for motorhomes, caravans, campers or minivans that is close to the city. A few kilometers away we find the Parking autocaravanas Sintra-Lisbon, with easy access and various services that will make your stay more comfortable.

Book from Áreas Autocaravanas and you will have your place guaranteed instantly, you just have to check the calendar in the area file. We make your plans easier for you to know what to do in Sintra and enjoy its wonders!

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