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We cross part of the coast of Huelva

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Published: March 31, 2023

In southern Spain, the Costa de la Luz It is a paradise that overlooks the Atlantic along hundreds of kilometers of beach. Although it covers the provinces of both Huelva and Cádiz, in this case we are going to focus on a part of the Huelva coast, more specifically the one that is closest to the border with Portugal.

Discover this wonderful place with the advice that we have prepared in Áreas Autocaravanas, where we tell you which are the beaches that you cannot miss and, how could it be otherwise, the spaces to spend the night with your vehicle.

The Costa de la Luz in the province of Huelva

Huelva's coast it extends from the Doñana National Park to the Guadiana River. Its beaches are among the best in Spain and attract thousands of visitors throughout the year. In fact, many of its coastal towns multiply the population during the spring and summer months, especially: Punta Umbría, Mazagón, La Antilla... The beach and leisure offer in these locations is magnificent, where you can also enjoy the wonderful local gastronomy, dominated by fish, shellfish and ham, coming in the latter case from the Sierra de Aracena.

Looking at its outstanding products, it is evident that the fishing and seafaring tradition is prominent on the Huelva coast. Some of its biggest festivities are related to the sea and take place in summer, such as the processions of the Virgen del Carmen or the Fair of the Colombinas in Huelva capital, coinciding with the anniversary of Columbus's departure for his first trip to America.

We cross part of the coast of Huelva

Beaches to see in the west of the coast of Huelva

As we already anticipated at the beginning of the article, we want to focus especially on the area of ​​the Costa de la Luz closest to the border with Portugal, to the west. This border is naturally marked by the Guadiana river. We are going to follow the route from here and we will arrive at the town of Punta Umbría. Start the route!


The town of Ayamonte marks the southernmost point of the border between Spain and Portugal. Its two main beaches are those of Isla Canela and Punta del Moral, where the atmosphere is very relaxed and you can practice all kinds of water sports.

Isla Cristina

The seaside Isla Cristina overlooks the sea as one of the main fishing spots in the entire province. Among its beaches, the one of the round it up, a wide sandy area dominated by dunes and guarded by a pine forest in which to shelter from the sun. This beach stands out for its wind that makes it a favorite destination among people who love surfing.


We continue towards the municipal term of Lepe. Although the town itself is not on the coast, it does have population centers such as The West Indies, Islantilla and New Umbria, which marks the limit between Lepe and Cartaya. The first two are busier, since they are next to the houses. Therefore, they are more recommended for those who seek the beach bustle. If you want more tranquility, Nueva Umbría beach is the right place for you. Also, if you have a pet, you will be interested to know that it is allowed to bring dogs.


If you go through Cartaya and look for the sea, go to the small fishing village of the broken. Nowadays it has become a highly demanded summer destination on the coast of Huelva, thanks to its kilometers of sand and the Natural Area of ​​the Piedras River and Flecha del Rompido Marshes. You decide if you want to bathe in the river or sea area!

Punta Umbria

We end this route along the west coast of Huelva in Punta Umbría, one of the most visited locations during the hot months, both on the natural and urban beaches. El Portil and the Enebrales They are the wildest areas of the Punta Umbría coastline. Relax on its golden sands and dive into its crystal clear waters. The fact that they are natural beaches does not mean that you cannot enjoy all kinds of services that complete your experience. Already in Punta Umbría itself we have another natural beach, that of the Black Kill, near the mouth of the Odiel river. more urban are the beaches of the Ría or the Canaleta.

We cross part of the coast of Huelva

Where to spend the night with a motorhome on the Costa de la Luz?

To spend the night with your vehicle and move from one beach to another, at Motorhome Areas we have two options for you:

Reserve your place now and visit the Huelva coast together with us!

We cross part of the coast of Huelva

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