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Monuments that are World Heritage Sites in Spain and you can visit by motorhome (I)

By: Campervan Areas - Published: 12 November, 2020

Traveling by motorhome allows us to discover unique places at the wheel of our vehicle. Some less known, with the almost exclusive character that this gives them. Others, on the contrary, are known worldwide for having a special and original historical, natural or artistic value. This time we will talk about the latter, since we are going to present you some of the places with the privilege of being World Heritage Site in Spain and that are accessible to motorhomes.

Why can we reach these monuments with our motorhomes? Due to the proximity of certain areas that serve as strategic points during the trip, since they also facilitate the reservation of a place to spend the night. We started!

El Escorial Monastery

el escorial monasteryIn the heart of the Sierra de Guadarrama, Felipe II ordered the construction of this majestic complex to perpetuate the memory of the House of the Austrias. In fact, the Royal Pantheon it is under the church. Another of the most prominent places is its library, whose ceiling is decorated with fresco paintings that follow a style inspired by that of the Sistine Chapel of the Vatican.

To get there, it's easy from the Camper Area Sierra Madrid, which also offers us the possibility of doing natural tourism in the north of the Madrid region.

Archaeological Site of Mérida

Augusta Emerita It was one of the great Roman cities in Hispania. Fortunately, its vestiges are still present among the buildings of Mérida, as we already told you in the route through the archaeological sites of Spain. The aqueduct and, above all, the theater that is still in use, tell us about a splendor that has withstood the passing of centuries.

Right there the Merida area It is part of the history of the city, being one of the star spaces on the Áreas Autocaravanas platform.

Valencia Silk Market

We usually relate the Gothic architecture with churches, but this place is one of the best examples that it was also used in civil architecture. Located in the heart of Valencia, it was a meeting point for merchants who lived in or visited the capital of Turia to carry out their business with this type of fabric. A special recommendation? his Hiring room. You will be amazed by the twisted columns.

Just eight kilometers from the city is the La Marina-El Saler area, which has a nearby bus stop to avoid having to take the motorhome, caravan or camper to the center, being able to leave it in its corresponding square in the area with all the guarantees.

Historic center of Ávila and the churches outside the walls

Ávila World Heritage Site in SpainFounded to be a strategic point in the defense of Castilla, its ramparts they stand almost like the first day and give the city a peculiar medieval look. Between that set of doors and towers was born Saint Teresa of Jesus, in a place that today occupies a convent with its own name.

In the north, at the foot of the walls, is located Parking. This recently opened space has all the comforts for travelers, in addition to privileged views of the city.

Old town of Segovia

How could it be otherwise, the aqueduct It is part of this set of monuments that are also World Heritage Sites in Spain. This work of Roman engineering is the best preserved of its style in our country. On the other hand, we cannot leave behind the Alcazar of medieval origin and the Cathedral, recognized as one of the most influential of the late Gothic, as it was built in the sixteenth century.

The advantage of visiting Segovia by motorhome is that it is located halfway between two areas, those already mentioned of Camper Sierra Madrid and Ávila.


hanging houses of cuencaThe fortified city de Cuenca overlooks the Huéscar River from its famous hanging houses, giving it a gigantic appearance. From below it makes a great background for photos, right? And we continue with the Gothic cathedrals, since Cuenca was the first of this style in Spain.

The Area Era 124 It is located next to the A-3, which connects with roads that reach Cuenca from two different points. You already decide which ones you prefer.

Cathedral, Alcazar and Archivo de Indias de sevilla

Alcazar of SevilleThis monumental triangle, joined by the Plaza del Triunfo, is the nerve center of the capital of Andalusia. Go up to the giralda it is mandatory. We are talking about a tower that has been part of both a mosque and a cathedral and presides over the skyline from the city. Almost nothing. Nor can you miss a walk through the gardens of the Alcazar and its various palaces, as well as the visit of the Archive of the Indies, place where that Seville was forged that was the capital of the world after the discovery of America.

You can get to this area by taking a pleasant walk from the Seville area. It even allows you to make a stop on the way out or back in the Plaza de España, which is also worthwhile even if it is not a World Heritage Site.

Renaissance ensembles of Úbeda and Baeza

Two municipalities united by a legacy that remains in force between their streets full of churches and palaces, following this artistic style. In addition, gastronomy lovers will find in both cities large quantities of olive oil, the liquid gold that is produced on a large scale in the province of Jaén.

Nearby, and in a one hundred percent natural environment, is the Sierra de Mágina, where you can spend the night in the Cantonet Area and enjoy the mountain tranquility between visits.

If you want to know more incredible places in Spain, take a look at the second part dedicated to the World Heritage monuments.

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