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Route in a motorhome for the main roman sites in Spain


Rome was not built in a day. Hispania either. The roman rule in the Iberian peninsula spanned over seven centuries, from the year 218 to.C. until the v century. During the time in which the Empire conquered and ruled the iberian peninsula left their mark in sewerage systems, sewers, paths of cities and colossal monuments that have survived until our days.

If you are a lover of roman culture, or simply want to include some cultural journeys of your stay in the beaches of andalusia, we propose a route in a motorhome for three of the main sites of rome in Spain.

With few kilometers of distance between them, the provinces of Cadiz and Seville in Andalusia, and Mérida, capital of Extremadura, with some examples essential of roman culture in Spain. And, best of all, they all feature areas for campervans which are among the preferred by our users.

The route in a motorhome in the south of Hispania

As it is very likely that you've chosen the province of Cádiz, to travel this summer, this route starts in Bologna (the Tariff). Many of the beaches of Cadiz have been selected this year among the list of best beaches in Spain. According to the survey conducted by Antenna 3, the beach of Bolonia is the most preferred by the respondents.

Idyllic and wild BOLOGNA, account just a few meters from the sea with one of the roman sites the more impressive of our geography. Not only for its privileged environment, but also by its state of conservation, the Roman ruins of Baelo Claudia are a mandatory stop for all profile visitors. A complete roman city that dates back to the II century to.C that is not missing out on any element to get the idea of how they lived the romans: theatre, temples, shops and spas, to evoke the culture of the founders of Baelo Claudia.

Next to the beach of Bolonia and the ruins is the first stop. The ÁREAS AUTOCARAVANAS BOLOGNA it is one of the most requested by the autocaravanistas, but you can reserve a place in advance to make sure site.

Without leaving the province of Cadiz, or on the way to the next area of the path, we can turn to the town of Ubrique and visit the archaeological site of Ocuri. Roman city situated a kilometre from the town centre and few hundred metres from the Area rv Ubrique. It is worth visiting the mausoleum, without parallel in Andalusia.

Discovering Italics in a motorhome

A little more than two hours by road of Baelo Claudia is the city of Italica. It was the first roman city founded outside the territory of the present Italy. Italic is a complete city that has aqueduct and an amphitheatre with capacity for 25 thousand people. Even today they are used for representations.

Italica is located in the town of Santiponce, only a few minutes in a motorhome in the centre of Seville and AREAS AUTOCARAVANAS SEVILLA. Do not miss the place where they were born for nothing less that the emperors Trajan and Hadrian and their masterful mosaicselements that make absolute interest the visit to Itálica.

The roman theatre of Mérida and its service area for motorhomes

The Roman route ends in the city of Mérida. About two hundred kilometers to the north, the capital of Extremadura is, in essence, the result of its Roman past. And it is that, Augusta Emerita, still retains today its spirit of a Roman city, which has earned it to be Heritage of Humanity. Touring the center of Mérida is a delight. As if it were Rome itself, its streets surprise us with archaeological remains in every corner. The roman bridgethe Arch of Trajan and the Temple of Diana are other monuments that you cannot miss.

But, if there is something Mérida is a roman city essential without a doubt its roman Theatre. Today it still hosts many shows in him with a capacity for three thousand people. Visit walking, like any city, it is possible to from the ÁREAS AUTOCARAVANAS ​​MÉRIDAas it is nothing more and nothing less, that in the very parking in the roman Theatre.

We hope that this tour of the major enclaves romans with areas for motorhomes you liked it and encourage you to explore all these paths in some way, lead to Rome.


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