What is the best weekend to go to the Carnival of Cádiz?


With the COAC about to start, Cádiz prepares for her big party. Groups rehearse the last letters before addressing a contest lasting no less than a month Gran Teatro Falla. Then the party will go on the road for ten days dream. Those campers who go there you may wonder what the title of the article, What is the best weekend to visit the Carnival of Cádiz.

Let's lend a hand and give some pointers to get everything into account and I can decide when best to go along with the information necessary to make your RV trip and scroll through the Bay of Cadiz in comfort.

Live the Carnival of Cadiz every weekend

We have two options, each with commonalities or differences that decanted the balance to one side. The first weekend is a great start. Friday is the day end of the COAC And maybe you're one of the lucky ones who has input. If not, experience the atmosphere around the theater all night is an experience that, at the least once in life you have to live. It's a good way to get going on and enjoy the parade of the best groupings of the contest.

Saturday, already recovered from the end, we can see the first carousels in extramural Cadiz, at night, it takes place opening speech in the Plaza de San Antonio. Admission is free, so easily filled the square and you need to go early to get a good seat. Usually, this day usually being in which the Cadiz city receives thousands of young people intending to party. From Sunday is when groups go out and start the carousels choirs in the center. It is very characteristic that takes place around the market. If you go the first day, we recommend stretching out Guests Monday also enjoyBecause it is a holiday in Cadiz and is one of the most special days throughout the carnival.

So if you want to live in a big party and you do not mind crowds, you can go to Cadiz the first weekend. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy it a bit more quiet, the second is yours.

It is true that we must keep in mind that the final stretch of the Carnival coincides with the bridge Andalusia Day. a real advantage if you are traveling from somewhere in the autonomous region. This special circumstance will you have more movement than other years during the second weekendBut it is true that often the most 'quiet' of the two. But that does not mean you can not listen to any illegal chirigota in a corner or choirs in carousels squares. In addition, the finale always brings special moments.

O well, if you like, you can also go and so compare the two. our Areas of rv They are available to you at very cheap prices and you can stay during the two periods without problems.

Motorhome best areas to stay during Carnival

Motorhome move to Cadiz capital is difficult in the days of Carnival. There will be a lot of traffic and traffic jams are formed at the entrance by two bridges or the connection from San Fernando. Motorhomes in areas we thought about it and we offer the solution to some of the spaces that have spread throughout the province:

  • Area of ​​El Puerto de Santa María. The closest town to Cádiz, next to the river. Stay here with your motorhome has the advantage that there is a ferry that throughout the day, sails daily between the two cities. Another option is to catch a train.
  • Jerez de la Frontera area. very complete a space in a city where also pass the commuter train Middle Distance and direction of Cadiz. If you have time, you can take to visit some of its wineries.
  • CEVA area (Andalucía Live Energy Center). Also in Jerez. This space offers the possibility of having the Carnival of Cádiz a few kilometers and spend the night in the middle of nature. A very complete pack.

  • Area Sanlúcar AC Parking area. Although Sanlucar de Barrameda is a little farther, move to Cadiz still very affordable. In addition, there is a private area with large plots of 100m2, offering space and comfort.

Fast and easy. You will not have to look for parking your motorhome throughout the weekend, you can move freely from your treadmill location to the center of Cádiz and live to the maximum this Feast of International Tourist Interest.

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