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The profitability of becoming a host: the Caños de Meca Motorhome Area success story

By: Areas Motorhomes - Published: 9 April, 2021

The Caños de Meca Motorhome Area It is one of the favorites among the users that are part of our platform, a clear case of success with constant activity. And it does not surprise us, Caños de Meca it is a place with a special magic in its beaches and sunsets. All who visit it, repeat sooner rather than later.

But the good reception of this space for motorhomes and campers has much more. Behind the charms of the Cadiz coast there is also effective management by its hosts, who have known first-hand the advantages and facilities of registering in Áreas Autocaravanas. Thanks to this, they have become a profitability model that we want to tell you so that you can see the reasons why your area should also be part of the platform.

Why is the Caños de Meca Motorhome Area a success story?

This area began operating online from the platform in July 2020, a perfect time considering that it is a coastal destination. That is why it was convenient for them to have a system of Online Booking from which to manage in a few seconds the transit and payment of the travelers, in addition to that they could request your place in advance. It is also worth adding the possibilities that this option offered in terms of network positioning, an indispensable means today in travel planning.

Taking into account the first three operational months of the Caños de Meca Area (July, August and September), they received a total of 98 online bookings. Very outstanding results if we take into account that it became the third space with the most occupied places last summer. Even more so if we take into account the general decline in the tourism sector as a result of the pandemic.

In short, becoming the host of the platform meant a greater number of reservations for this motorhome area in the province of Cádiz.

The advantages to achieve maximum profitability in area management

First of all, keep in mind what period is the best to receive travelers in your areas. For example, the Caños de Meca space has a higher potential in summer and from the middle of spring. For this reason, starting to optimize its resources at the beginning of the summer period caused this start in style that we have mentioned. If, on the other hand, you manage a space in the mountains, it is better to register at the beginning of autumn to become a reference for lovers of hiking or cycling. The impact will be greater because users will search for information about your area of ​​action or other similar ones before and during the desired period.

And furthermore, if you become host of Motorhome Areas, disfrutarás de muchas más ventajas. Y solo por registrarte en la plataforma:

  • Registro gratuito.
  • Tú fijas los precios y condiciones para la reserva.
  • Nosotros gestionamos los pagos y tú los recibes a final de mes.
  • Seguridad en los pagos, al realizarse previamente vía online.
  • Mayor visibilidad, gracias a tu presencia en la mayor comunidad autocaravanista en España.
  • Soporte en todo momento por parte de nuestro equipo.

¡Únete a nuestra plataforma y tú también verás crecer el rendimiento de tu área!

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