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Tenerife already has its motorhome area

By: Motorhome Areas - Published: July 28, 2023

We continue to expand out of the peninsula! Areas Motorhomes arrive at Canary Islands, with a new space in Tenerife. You can now leave your camper, caravan, motorhome or minivan comfortably and book from your site on our platform. To find it on the web, it is the Motorhome area of ​​El Papatón, Arico, Tenerife.

As we know that you are very adventurous, apart from the most common tourism, surely you want to discover hiking trails around the island. We are going to review several that definitely call your attention, and we are going to complement them with a bit of tourism in the region.

Routes through Tenerife, from greater to lesser difficulty

And to make your life easier, we are going to order these routes by difficulty, so you can choose the one that best suits your desire to explore the amazing Canarian landscapes. There is a wide variety of routes, so you will undoubtedly find some that you did not know about.

Almond Blossom Route (low difficulty)

Do you want to have a print to remember? If you come more in the winter season (from February) you cannot miss this route in the highlands of the municipalities of El Tanque and Santiago del Teide. Marked by the lava tongues of the last eruption of the Chinyero volcano, at the end of January the landscape is dyed pink and white with the blooming of the cherry trees. The terrain is not very difficult, it is perfect to go with the family!

Tenerife already has its motorhome area
Cliffs of the Giants

The duration is three hours, and on those dates it is recommended to wear sports shoes and a coat according to the cold temperatures. If you leave from the motorhome area, it will take about 50 minutes on the TF-1. And if you go with time, when you return you can visit The Cliffs of the Giants half way, where you can enjoy impressive views at sunset.

Hell's Ravine (medium difficulty)

The name is scary, but we promise you that it is not as hard as it seems. At 350 meters above sea level is this route, which enjoys incredible views of the municipality of adeje. During the tour you will also find numerous varieties of native vegetables of the territory, as well as endemic species that have been found on the Island of Tenerife (and specifically in the Hell's Ravine) his last refuge.

Tenerife already has its motorhome area
Municipality of Adeje

It can last up to three and a half hours, and we set it to medium difficulty because they have some sections with high altitude, not suitable for people who suffer from vertigo (especially in the first sections of the trail, which make up the first half hour). You have more information about the route in your web.

Likewise, it requires appropriate sports shoes. If you come early, you can enjoy the gastronomy of adeje, with special interest in the meats that are served in the area. Very close you also have the Caleta Beach, a true natural paradise unique in the Canary Islands.

Malpaís de Güimar Route (high difficulty)

The term "malpaís" does not have any negative connotation. This is the name given to the terrain that has little eroded stones of volcanic origin, and of course, we had to recommend a route like this for the most adventurous. There are two paths: one that surrounds the crater of the socorro volcano and another circular one by the sea (which comes out of the Little port of Güimar). We recommend the second, as it is the most popular (it has better views and has unique vegetation in the Canary Islands such as cardones or tabaibas). And at the end you can take a dip in the Guimar beach!

Tenerife already has its motorhome area
Majanos de Chacona

It lasts three hours, and if it is the most complicated, it is because, apart from the heights, it requires hard footwear, since the terrain can tear common sports shoes. During your visit you can visit the town of supposedlyr, where you will find some places of interest such as the Majanos de Chacona. These buildings that look like pyramids are very curious to see, since many historians believe that they are very old, and others think that they are more recent. The most accepted theory is that they date from the 19th century.

Make your reservation now in the new motorhome area in Tenerife

Áreas Autocaravanas has decided to make the leap to insular Spain to facilitate and expedite reservations in new destinations, with the aim of promoting tourism in the Canary Islands and offering travelers new options to stay. In this particular one, pets are allowed, and there is a free barbecue area. You can find more information about its characteristics here.

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