Qué ver en Caños de Meca

What to see in Caños de Meca?

By: Campervan Areas - Published: 8 July, 2020

Say Caños de Meca It could be synonymous with saying Paradise. Its blue waters, the light of the place and its alternative air make this beach in the province of Cádiz one of the favorites of motorhomes. It is perfect to disconnect during the summer holidays, in an environment where nature is still the protagonist. In order not to lose detail, we are going to tell you what to see and do in Caños de Meca. Write everything down so you don't miss anything!

  1. Take a refreshing bath. It sounds too obvious considering that we are talking about the beach, but we say it because the waters of Caños have a very special color. It is practically unique, thanks to being very close to the border of the Atlantic with the Mediterranean.
  2. Eat local products. Keep in mind that we are in the municipality of Barbate, the town where the Red tuna He is the king. You will find a thousand ways to eat it and all of them are recommended. You can do it in the many bars and restaurants along the main road and its surroundings.
  3. Magical sunsets. When the sun falls in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the sky takes on captivating tones for anyone. All those who have experienced a sunset in Caños de Meca, have wanted to repeat. There must be a reason
  4. Encounter with History. The Cape of Trafalgar presides over the area. We are not talking about a simple geological accident, since it gave its name to one of the best known naval battles in the history of Spain. He was a privileged witness of the defeat of the Spanish and French fleets against the English navy, with Admiral Nelson at the head. Although the current lighthouse is after the battle, there are still remains of the old watchtower, in addition to other archaeological sites from the Roman and Muslim times.
  5. Have a drink looking at the sea. There are several terraces where, from the top, we can drink something in the company of our people, while we look at the horizon and listen to music.
  6. Visit the neighboring beach of Zahora. Apart from what there is to see in Caños de Meca, we have this other area passing Cape Trafalgar. It is an extensive unspoilt beach that we can easily walk to.

What you can do to stay in Caños de Meca

If the plan convinces you, now it's time to choose where to spend the night with your motorhome, caravan or camper. Well we have good news for you! We release Area in Caños de Meca. The Galeón Parking is a large area of ​​4800 m2 to park your vehicle, which is perfect for having your own space and maintaining safe distances with other travelers. It is located a few meters from the Trafalgar Lighthouse, so you have all the activities that we have listed for you at hand. From this week you can start reserving dates to release this area during the summer holidays.

The plan sounds great, really. If you think about it, it is a unique trip and very close to home. So don't forget: this summer, stay in spain. National tourism is the best option!


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