The best camper vans for the bridge of Andalusia

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They say that leap years bring good luck, and may be so because this year falls on a weekend. In addition, the Andalusians will double luck, because on Friday February 28 is a holiday for the day of their autonomous community. It seems to have joined the circumstances to take advantage and make a breaks the bridge of Andalusia on board your motorhome.

This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate the big day in this region of southern Europe: crossing its roads. I will recommend a series of plans and destinations to take advantage of these holidays to the maximum. So everyone will be close to one of our areas, so you can spend the night in them and so take all the time you want without being aware of the turn. Even you can make a route during the three days with the proposals that we are going to give!

El Caminito of the King, an adventure for the boldest

This step through Gorge Gaitanes. Although it was once one of the most dangerous in the world today is fully able to take a tour of vertigo, yes, but also unforgettable if you are lovers of adventure and nature.

Sierra de Grazalema

Sierra de Grazalema

A few kilometers away, you can reserve a place in the Parking area of ​​RondaAnd so take the opportunity to visit this historic city and its mountains, where many highwaymen They lived their own exploits. It is also very close Parque Natural Sierra de GrazalemaTo meet some of their pretty white villages. The visit is propitious date, because they are watchword of Andalusia.

Hiking in the Sierra de Aracena

Provincial change, this time we will HuelvaBut we do not leave the atmosphere of the mountains. Aracena and the surrounding villages are full of hiking trails to cycle through each of them and their environment, surrounded by nature. It is a favorite getaway to pass the bridge Andalucía. Its added advantage is that, as the way to get around, there are hiking or biking, if you decide to take with your motorhome.

Climb to the top and enjoy the views of the Sierra de Aracena from the castle or the rock of Arias MontanoWith the town of Alajar at his feet. You can also go down to the depths and dive deeper into the Cave of WondersA place full of magic, especially in the eyes of the visitor.

And, finally, the ham the area is perfect to regain strength.

All this is about the Camping area of ​​El Madroñal, A space surrounded by ancient trees.

Live the experience of your life during the bridge of Andalusia

Lions in the reserve of the Castle Guards

Other highly recommended options are the experiences we offer in our platform. For example, would you like horseback riding under the stars? For in Guadix you have the opportunity to live this opportunity and can also choose the possibility of tour the town in horse-drawn carriage. These are some of the advantages of staying in your motorhome Equestrian Center area of ​​Guadix.

Very close to the Sierra de Aracena mentioned, in the province of Sevilla, the Natural reserve of the Castle Guards It offers us the chance to enjoy one day surrounded fauna and flora.

As you can see, we have enough plans to propose. Andalucía runs over the bridge and you have a thousand and one stories to tell thanks to the Areas proposed Motorhomes.

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