medidas para viajar con seguridad

Measures to travel safely

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 30 April, 2020

Upgrade: Now available complete guide to travel safely in your motorhome.

After the alarm state, a progressive return to normality begins. This will be the previous step to return to the road as well. The fans motorhomes, caravans and campers We look forward to this moment that will take us back to enjoy our greatest hobby. But we must bear in mind that in the coming months we must take into account travel safely and thus protect our health, that of those who will accompany us on the road and that of other travelers.

For this reason, we are designing a guide with a series of tips to take into account, both in our vehicle and in the motorhome areas themselves. The idea is to carry out a action protocol which will significantly reduce the risk of contagion and make us enjoy the trip with maximum security.

Security measures in choosing the route and spaces to travel

    1. Prepare the route before the trip. You will avoid crowds or unsafe places.
    2. Choose facilities with disinfection guarantees and security measures.
    3. Book in advance if possible.
    4. It is also advisable to visit less crowded destinations and open places of interest.

Target behavior

    1. Avoid spending long periods of time receiving spaces and facilities.
    2. Maintain a social and safety distance with other users and with the staff of the facilities.
    3. On the other hand, keep distance from other vehicles.
    4. Prioritize electronic and card payment.
    5. Also, don't forget to stock up for several days.

Hygiene and use of the vehicle to travel safely

    1. It prioritizes the use of its own bathroom and kitchen and avoids, if possible, common areas. Your vehicle is self-sufficient!
    2. Keep the space clean and disinfected.
    3. Do not use street shoes indoors or disinfect them properly.
    4. Get masks, gloves and disinfecting gels for all occupants of the vehicle, as well as a basic kit and enough regular medication.
    5. Don't forget to fill the fuel and water tanks.
    6. It uses its own hose to fill the clean water tank.

Plans and entertainment

    1. Limit vehicle use to the family circle.
    2. Bring board games, books, and other entertainment and distraction items.
    3. Avoid crowded places and crowded events or shows.
    4. It ensures moments of physical activity and joint mobility, but always respecting security measures and social distance.
    1. Have on hand the Covid-19 information phones for each autonomous community. In case of a health emergency, call 112.

Thanks to all these tips, we can continue traveling while complying with the recommendations of the health authorities. As it could not be otherwise, we will be attentive to all the news that may arise to keep you informed and not lose details. At Áreas Autocaravanas we are committed to the safety of all spaces and their users., together with our commitment to refloat the national tourism sector.

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