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Places to see in Seville that are also essential

By: Campervan Areas - Published: 9 November, 2021

There is no doubt that Seville is in fashion. The Andalusian capital has become one of the favorite destinations for travel lovers and for this the spectacular and beautiful places to see on your visit to Seville, either inside or outside its historic center.

We already talked to you in its day about most famous corners of Seville: the Cathedral and its Giralda, the Reales Alcázares, the Plaza de España ... It is clear that you cannot miss any of them when you travel to the city of Seville. But did you know that there is much more? We are going to get out of the typical routes a bit and we are going to discover a different Seville, the one that will help you understand its idiosyncrasy through its history and culture. Sometimes we will forget the usual guides a little and others not, but we assure you that they are indispensable sites beyond the typical.


Other places you must see in Seville


Glorieta de Bécquer

We know that you will go to the Plaza de España. It would be almost a crime if you did not ... Deviate a bit from the path and enter the THE PARK OF MARÍA LUISA to discover this roundabout and the monument dedicated to the Sevillian poet, which is full of symbolism and has become an emblem for lovers of romanticism. Of course, the whole itself is pure poetry.

Triana Market

The markets were once the forums of each of the representative neighborhoods of the city. Authentic meeting points where the life of the neighborhood was discussed and the merchants in the area made a living. There are still some left and Triana is one of them. Any morning you can visit the different market stalls and experience the essence of the Triana suburb in its fullness.

Within the enclosure there are several types of bars where you can have a drink or eat at any time of the day. In addition, it is built on the ruins of the old Castle of San Jorge, seat of the Inquisition for years and that you can visit for free. After, as you are, it is not a bad idea Get lost in the Triana neighborhood.

Callejón del Agua and Calle Judería

These two streets of the city give shape to some of the most beautiful postcards of the city, how could it be otherwise in the Santa Cruz neighborhood. Washington Irving set out from the Callejón del Agua before beginning the adventure that gave rise to his Tales of the Alhambra, very close to the house where the beautiful Jewess Susona chastised her sins for betraying her father. In Judería street, the corner with its fountain, the verses of Luis Cernuda and its Andalusian-style houses are a haven of peace for those who get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Church of Santa María la Blanca

Without leaving the surroundings of the Jewish quarter, we find this hidden treasure among the Sevillian churches. Apart from its beauty, with a ceiling whose plasterwork will fascinate you with its shapes, this temple has been a place of prayer for three religions: it began as a Visigothic church (of which two capitals are preserved), it became a mosque first and a synagogue after the conquest of the city by Fernando III and later it returned to being a Christian church.

Casa de Pilatos and Palace of Las Dueñas

Seville has always attracted the attention of the great houses of the nobility, which over the centuries have left their mark with various constructions that today have become places to see in the city. Although there is a choice, in this case we are going to highlight the Casa de Pilatos and the Palacio de Las Dueñas. Both are architectural gems of Gothic-Mudejar style Mainly, with lush and well-kept gardens and numerous works of art.

As curiosities, we highlight several things. Casa Pilatos receives this name because one of its inhabitants, Mr. Fadrique, traveled to Jerusalem and returned affirming that from Pilatos' praetorium to Mount Calvario there was the same distance as from his house to the Cruz del Campo temple, on the current Luis Montoto street (the name of this pavilion will sound familiar to you because it gives its name to the most famous beer in Seville). Legend also has it that Emperor Trajan's ashes are scattered around one of the gardens.

As for the Palacio de Las Dueñas, it was the habitual residence of Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, the famous Duchess of Alba, and the birthplace of the writer Antonio Machado: «My childhood are memories of a patio in Seville, / and an orchard of course where the lemon tree ripens ».

Church of San Luis de los Franceses

Desacralized and reopened a few years ago, this church is one of the great exponents of Baroque architecture in Seville. Its plan in the shape of a Greek cross is rare in the region and is oriented according to the path of the sun so that the main altar receives abundant light. The majestic dome can be admired from different areas around the temple.


Places to see ... and spend the night in Seville

The capital of Andalusia is one of the favorite destinations in Spain and Europe and is now at your fingertips from your motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan. All the places to see that we have recommended can be visited from the Seville Motorhome Area. You have the possibility to reserve your place right now from our platform. Seville is waiting for you!

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