The rv's most innovative Caravan Salon 2019 in Düsseldorf

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The Caravan Salon Düsseldorf mark the start of the season in the sector of “caravaning”, where the manufacturers show their latest developments current and future projects. After touring the Hall we will show a series of models and images that have caught our attention.

Innovation in camper of the hand of Hymers, VisionVenture Concept Car

A vehicle camper with the sights set on the travel of the future, namely 2025, the year in which are hoping to launch the Hymers VisionVenture. This last, in the form of a prototype, is based on the Sprinter, but it is created to show the solutions that will be implemented in vehicles that may occur in the next few years.

What is no doubt the image the groundbreaking of the new proposal, converted into a motorhome, with a design much more attractive and, a priori, greater capabilities in land “off road”, in addition to details like paint anti caloric from the hand of BASF, barbecue removable to the outside, the solution is to expand the bathroom to use the shower...

Motorhome with pop-up roof

Up to this point, the pop-up roof it was a solution designed to climb high in many camper and a motorhome. Now, the signature Florium has decided to incorporate this idea to the new Baxter 64 LDF in edition Black Pearl. A solution that allows to combine in a vehicle 6.47 m in length the comfort of the motorhome with the advantages of a camper: a living-room ' face-to-face”, spacious kitchen and a roof bed in the central area of the passenger compartment to which access by a ladder manual retractable.

New aires in integral

Weinsberg presenta en la feria su innovador modelo integral, Face Core. A modern vehicle with an exterior design very futuristic, with the background entirely in black, large windscreen, and profiles in black, in addition to headlights of last generation. On the inside, with simple lines, large windows and furniture very bright.

Luxury in the living room of your motorhome

Euramobil: the new Integrates I760HS presents a luxurious lounge in the rotunda in the rear, kitchen in the central area of the passenger compartment and toilet first-class in the front (divided into two spaces and is located behind the cabin). It is a vehicle designed to travel in couple, with drop-down bed that lowers over the cab.

Everything to hand, with large tailgate

Frankia M-Line T 7 GD Neo is a motorhome profiled for two people. It has a 7 m long (with chassis lowered AL-KO adapted by Mercedes Benz to the requirements of the brand and front-wheel-drive) which includes the tailgate, which complements the garage and that you can carry, for example, the bike. Is the so-called concept "easy-load" with which the brand has christened this new solution.

Large motorhomes

Can not miss the large cars, luxury total, those that leave you with your mouth open. The German brand Concorde he returned to be the center of attention with their models on the Iveco Daily and Atego, in addition to the known Actros. Always impresses to see how to save your car inside of your motorhome.

Photo credits: Hymer_GmbH_und_Co_KG, Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann, Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

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