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Por: Áreas Autocaravanas - Publicado: 24 March, 2020

In these current times, you are surely taking advantage to set up a space or camping. Or maybe you organize an activity for tourists who visit your town and you're going around it to improve the experience and get registrations. Well, in Motorhome Areas we give you the opportunity to grow with us. For it, we suggest that you become host.

Why? Why We are the platform for motorhomes areas throughout Spain. But there is more, much more. We also offer the possibility to register gardens where camping and enjoy experiences during the users journey. We are a sure value, as demonstrated by the large number of spaces and activities who are already part of our platform and have shown their trust in the service.

Here you can and introduce you to expand your business de una forma rápida y sencilla. Todo ello con un registro totalmente gratuito, pues no te cobramos gastos de gestión de ningún tipo, solo un pequeño porcentaje de la reserva. Además, nosotros nos encargarnos de gestionar los pagos y liquidar tus beneficios a final de mes. ¡Solo hay ventajas si tomas esta decisión! Por supuesto, tú decides los costes a incluir para los viajeros y defines el calendario de disponibilidad y las plazas a tu propio gusto o necesidad.

Our APP is the new path for the host visibility

although Application Areas Motorhomes It is designed to facilitate the trip for motorhomes, you as a host can also take advantage of it. Having an APP is opening new avenues, because your space or experience will reach even more people and it will be easier to increase the number of reservations.

We are available Google Play and recently in App Store. That means that your project will be visible to both Android and iOS users.

If the idea has convinced you and you plan to go as far as possible with your area or your experience, it is time to fill in the application form to become host. When we approve your request, you can upload the space, garden or activity. The family of Motorhome Areas awaits you.

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  1. Miguel Jimenez Onetti

    Good afternoon
    We would like to enter this wonderful world of motorhome. We are starting.

    • Isidro roca tio

      Buenas ideas para cuando podemos salir

  2. Áreas Autocaravanas

    Hi Miguel, welcome to our community!

    You can go to ‘Become a host’ to start and for any questions, happy to assist you. Cheers!


  3. José Antonio lozano Sarmiento

    Me gustaría tener una buena guía de todas las áreas de España
    Soy autocaravanista desde hace 20 años, y espero que esto nos facilite más nuestra forma de desplazarme


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