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Mercè Festival 2023. Activities and where to spend the night with a motorhome

By: Areas Autocaravanas - Published: 14 September, 2023

Barcelona is preparing for its great celebration. The festivals of la merce They open the fall in Barcelona with an exceptional atmosphere and all kinds of activities, whose agenda covers audiences of all ages. If you are planning to go or you decide to go at the last minute, in this article we will tell you what you need to know and where to reserve a place for spend the night with your motorhome or camper.

What do the Mercè Festivals consist of?

La Mercè is the big festival of the City of Barcelona, dedicated to one of its patron saints, the Virgin of Mercè. It is celebrated from September 22 to 25 and its program is very broad:

  • The Pregó, which kicks off the party.
  • Sports competitions.
  • Traditional events, such as the procession of the giants and tadpoles.
  • The Pyromusical
  • Concerts.
  • Theater plays.
  • Drone shows.

A party with a lot of history

Mercè Festival 2023. Activities and where to spend the night with a motorhome

Although Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city today, the truth is that it has a great history behind it and continues to preserve some of its most deeply rooted traditions. In fact, the Mercè Festival itself has medieval origins and it is worth remembering that they are dedicated to the Virgin, although its popular culture also delves into paganism.

A good example of pagan tradition is the traditional parade of giants and tadpoles (Giants and big headeds), so characteristic of the Catalan festivals, as well as the exhibitions of castells, formed by the human towers of castellers. Both events will be, respectively, on Sunday and Saturday at noon, around Plaça de Sant Jaume.

Other traditions of Catalan popular culture, during La Mercè, is the Correfoxes, a fireworks show with people dressed as devils, or the exposure of dragons and beasts.

The Pyromusical

The Plaça Espanya takes place great pyrotechnic show of the Mercè Festival, where the sky is filled with light and color to reach every corner of the city and thus announce the end of the events, which will be the night of September 25.

Furthermore, the big news for 2023 will be that the Sònar festival will be in charge of the musical background, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.

Drone show in the sky of Barcelona

In addition to the usual Pyromusical, the 2023 Mercè Festival will host the show “Geometrics 200“. It is a illuminated drone display and that, as choreography, they will make geometric shapes and figures related to nature.

Concerts and plays

Mercè Festival 2023. Activities and where to spend the night with a motorhome

The Mercè Festival program is full of concerts, organized by BAM, Live Cultural Action and Mercè Music. More than a hundred artists and groups, both Catalan and from other places, will musically enliven the days of celebration, covering musical styles for all tastes.

Along with music, the different stages throughout the city will host plays, monologues and other interpretive proposals that will delight the public.

As a point to also consider, The city's many museums often hold open days with de la Mercè motif.

ℹ️ Consult the complete program of Mercè 2023.

Where to spend the night with a motorhome during the Mercè Festival?

If you are going to visit the Mercè Festival, we recommend that you look for a place to spend the night with your motorhome and get away from the hustle and bustle of Barcelona if you want to rest. The perfect place is Finca Nadal, a place surrounded by vineyards where, while you are there, you can take advantage of the visit to do some of its magnificent tastings.

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