The festival Monkey Week, and SICAB come to Seville this week

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From 20th to 23rd November, takes place in Seville Monkey Week, the festival of music indie pop-country's most important. Será su cuarta edición en la capital de Andalucía tras las siete veces que se celebró en su lugar de origen, El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz). En este tiempo, it has become a meeting point not only of artists and the public. Also promoters, managers, record labels, newspapers, and, in short, the entire music industry in Spain and abroad. This eleventh edition will feature more than 160 concerts and showcases spread across several rooms in the centre of the city, having as epicentre the Alameda de Hercules.

Concerts Monkey Week

Monkey Week is not the typical festival for many things, starting because their concerts are performed mainly in small rooms. Up 14 scenic areas are dealt the programmingbeing only two in the open air, in the Alameda de Hercules. To these open spaces you can go without having the payment of the festival, while for the rest of the concerts and showcases it is necessary that compost. The festival also provides daily entries for Friday and Saturday.

Will be 168 concerts in total between Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Stand out on the poster important names on the national scene as The Punsetes, Neuman, Carolina, During, Belako, or the seville Derby Motoreta's Burrito Kachimba. In addition, this attractive add bands alien as a Tropical Fuck Storm, Rolling Ruanas, Juan Wauters, or Lysistrata. But, we must not forget that it is above all a festival of emerging music. In him have touched so many bands and artists now recognized when they were not. Not for nothing its motto is “discover today the groups of the morning”, a nod to the melomanía and musical interest of its attendees.

Networking, an important part of the festival

As we said, Monkey Week is not only an appointment to see concerts, but to grow professionally. This is done Monkey Brain, a meeting integrator with all kinds of workshops, round tables, lectures and public interviews where any professional or musician credited will be able to participate as true active agent, while rubbing shoulders with promoters, agents, journalists, labels, artists and international guests.

Monkey Week and its impact on the area

The institutional presentation of the Monkey Week and has held this Monday at Santa Clara in Seville with various institutional representatives. With a budget of something over 300,000 euros, the festival is expected to surpass, for a further year, the figures of the previous call, when attracted to the city's more than 1,200 music industry professionals and about ten thousand people as audience. This was an economic impact in Seville more than a million euros.

SICAB, the other major event this weekend in Seville

The International Lounge of the Horse of Pure Breed (SICAB) meet in Fibes a total of 1075 horses from 343 farms all over the world. The local horse fair will be held from the 19th to the 24th of November and is already one of the biggest events of the year in Seville. Shows, competitions and master classes monopolize the program which is defined as the sample of horses of Pure Spanish Race more important in the world. Is expected to visit the fair over 200 thousand people, generating an economic impact second only in Holy Week and the April Fair.

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