Fallas de Valencia 2023

Keys to enjoy the Fallas of Valencia 2023

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Published: 16 February, 2023

The big party of the capital of the Turia is here. Las Fallas de Valencia will be held in 2023 with all the splendor that has always characterized them, so it will be a great year to immerse yourself in the Valencian atmosphere and the sound of the mascletás.

We light the gunpowder so that your desire to explode travel to Valencia, with the best tips, the main activities and access to the complete program that will shape the days of celebration.

When are the Fallas of Valencia celebrated in 2023?

The main holidays will start on March 14 and will last until March 19, key day and culmination. However, the program of celebrations starts on February 25 with the nocturnal macromascletá and the 26 with the children's "Awakening" and the Calling act, a spectacle of light and color with which you definitely start the actions. In any case, events on the Fallas are held throughout the year, as it is a deeply rooted tradition in the city.

Main acts of the Fallas of Valencia

After the first weekend, the Plaza del Ayuntamiento will host the daily mascletás at 2:00 p.m., in addition to the night ones on weekends. During all this time and until March 14, the Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències will host the ninots exhibition, which will end with the proclamation of the ninots and the transfer to the ninots plant through the streets of the city. The Plant starts March 16 and will be preceded by Nit de l'Alba, a fireworks show that takes place throughout the city, with the Plaza del Ayuntamiento as the main focus. From then until March 18, a fireworks display will take place every night behind the Palau de Les Arts.

During the days March 17 and 18 the floral offering to the Virgen de los Desamparados is carried out, in charge of the Fallas commissions and the Falleras Mayores of Valencia.

Meanwhile, the ninots will continue to be exposed on the street until the expected March 19, big day of the Fallas. The day starts at dawn with another fireworks display, that of the fire night. During the day, religious acts take place in the Cathedral of Valencia and the parade of fire, which usually begins in the afternoon and culminates with the Cremà de las Fallas. First, there is the Cremà of the Children's Municipal Falla, ending later with the Cremà de la Falla Grande In the town hall square.


Spaces in Valencia to spend the night with a motorhome

Light and color fill the streets of Seville to form beautiful postcards that are published all over the world. Although in general terms they are two very different festivals, both Holy Week and the April Fair reflect the idiosyncrasy of Seville, which has evolved over time but without losing its deepest roots. visit Valencia during the Fallas of 2023, aboard your motorhome, camper or minivan, you have the advantage of having several areas in the same city and its surroundings.

Let's go through the full list of areas:

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