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The benefits of reserving your place in a motorhome area

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Published: 2 February, 2023

The motorhome sector evolves and is implementing new solutions that improve the experience of travelers. Among the many benefits that have emerged in recent years, one of the most significant is that of being able to reserve a place in a motorhome area that includes all the necessary services, both for users and for vehicles. The objective of this initiative is to launch a comprehensive service that allows better planning of the trip and greater comfort for the public.

What does this new context mean? How does it develop? What are its advantages for users and hosts? We are going to answer these and other questions in the following article, so you can better understand how to work with reserved places.

The context in Spain with respect to other countries

The situation of the spaces for motorhomes differs depending on the country, although the statistics in Spain continue to be somewhat negative. While in Spain we have about 1,000 areas, if we add those of public or private management, in other countries such as Germany there are approximately 4,500. In the case of France, the difference is much greater, since the neighboring country has some 6,500 in total.

Conclusion: specialists and motorhome drivers observe that the national statistics are too low to cover basic needs.

If we analyze the possible reasons for this notable difference, we observe that Spanish legislation offers excessive requirements for setting up areas for motorhomes, unlike what occurs in several European countries. On the other hand, investment in public facilities is minimal, thus showing many shortcomings for the comfort and even safety of motorhomes.

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Resources that should not be missing in an area

Many people close to the sector have verified that this situation must change and it is necessary to invest to offer a better service, in addition to embarking on such a massive passion as traveling. Obtaining these resources allows you to expand the services that every traveler requires:

  • Water services.
  • Collection of gray and black water.
  • Electric connection.
  • Gas access.
  • WiFi connection.
  • Bathrooms.
  • Shops and supermarkets.
  • Area surveillance 24 hours a day.
  • Laundry.
  • Even washing and repairing the vehicle.

Of course, accessing all these resources requires service costs that undoubtedly optimize the quality of service to the advantage of motorhome drivers.

So, what are the benefits of paying to book in a motorhome area?

From our experience, in Áreas Autocaravanas We have verified that this new context in Spain has provided a very advantageous situation for users.

  1. Reserve a place in advance, allowing a greater capacity for planning the trip.
  2. Availability of most or all of the resources listed above.
  3. Maintenance of the facilities, for greater comfort.
  4. Continuous improvements, adapting to the needs that arise.
  5. Accessibility from any location or device, with reservation app in motorhome areas.

The situation of the host before the option of reserving in his motorhome area

From the point of view of the hosts of these spaces set up for motorhomes and other types of vehicles, this situation opens up a world of possibilities that entails great advantages:

  1. Advertising on the different channels of the online platforms for reservations in the motorhome area.
  2. Creation of jobs.
  3. Return of the initial investment made.
  4. It allows obtaining higher income for the maintenance and improvement of the facilities.
  5. You can define the cost per night, person and even extra service

If you want to take the step become a host or enhance your already created space, taking advantage of these benefits of receiving online reservations in your motorhome area, we invite you to join the community of hosts of Áreas Autocaravanas. We are the pioneer platform of these characteristics in Spain, with more than 150 spaces distributed between Spain, Portugal and Morocco. We are waiting for you on this unique trip!

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