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Changes that will affect motorhomes during phase 3

Por: Áreas Autocaravanas - Publicado: 10 June, 2020

With the entry into phase 3, many Spanish provinces have started the final stretch towards the “new normal”. Little by little, mobility restrictions are decreasing as journeys increase. How could it be otherwise, the autocaravanistas We are taking advantage to burn the wheel and we have already started to make some routes.

The change of cycle has brought a very important novelty that influences us a lot when traveling. And it is that, all the communities in phase 3, except Extremadura, have taken the step of allowing the interprovincial mobility. This means that many will be able to move freely throughout their region, a unique opportunity to travel from one end to the other and open their mouths for this summer. We invite you to do so by consulting our motorhome areas and spaces. You will find many places where you can stay overnight during your tour.

What's New in Phase 3

A measure that continues in force is the one regarding vehicle occupancy. We remind you that those with up to nine seats can fill up if all passengers live together. If not, they should go two per row and with a mask. Without a doubt, the high capacity of motorhomes and campers They make them appear as the best means of transportation during this situation.

As for the main developments that affect us, apart from the displacement between provinces, we must bear in mind that all time slots disappear. Further, a large number of museums, monuments and places of interest reopen. In the face of summer, the swimming pools opening and the capacity of the bars is expanded to 75 percent.

Now we only have the last step, which will also bring news. Stay tuned to our blog and social media profiles, because we will also explain what will be in store for motorhomes in the “new normal”. What is clear is that you will have to travel keeping certain considerations. To keep you informed of everything, we have prepared a travel guide with security measures necessary.

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