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Take the final step! Time to register your RV area

By: Campervan Areas - Published: 5 July, 2021

If you have a space where travelers can spend the night with motorhomes, caravans or campers, you have come to the right place. Surely you have already become host of our platform. Are you going to stay half? Of course not! Because, once you have joined the first and largest community of these characteristics in Spain, it is time to register your motorhome area and start receiving reservations.

It is very simple. All you have to do is complete your registration form with all the information regarding the space. You yourself can set the booking conditions, available services, location, price ... Everything, at the service of hundreds of motorhome, caravan and camper who are eager to travel again and discover new destinations with your help.

Why should you register in Motorhome Areas?

Becoming the host of the platform is an opportunity with which we want to promote tourism after the crisis caused by the coronavirus. The possibility of registering your area for motorhomes entails a series of advantages that we put at your disposal to receive visitors again as soon as possible:

  • Do you have Total freedom to set the rates for your space.
  • The payment of reservations It is carried out and managed on the portal itself, and at the time of booking.
  • With our model, you make sure the reservation.
  • We have a App en iOS and in Android with which users can make their reservations.
  • Our platform follows a flexible algorithm to adapt to spaces of all kinds: gardens, private areas, experiences ...
  • Being part of our portal is totally free for the host.
  • We do not impose no type of exclusivity. Getting reservations on the portal is compatible with other forms of marketing.
  • We have a map where motorhomes can find new spaces. It is a perfect functionality for travelers to plan their routes and your area will be present as an option to choose from.

For more information on the benefits we have available to you, we recommend you take a look at the following video:

In addition, we have simplified the system for publishing and managing areas, gardens and experiences, with a very intuitive interface for users. A small detail to facilitate our service! Even so, you can always consult the guide that we have developed to explain how to upload the area file. It is available in the private area of ​​the platform once you are registered as a host.

Other spaces have already increased their reservations after registering

The areas that have joined our community already know what it means to grow thanks to the visibility and the extra service they can offer with Áreas Autocaravanas.

For example, spaces on other continents are joining, such as Auberge Les Roches. Its about first area for motorhomes that we have in Morocco.

But there is much more. We have expanded the possibilities so that hosts with small private plots can also receive reservations through the new system of micro areas.

Do not wait for the opportunity! It has come now. It is your time to reach the top with your space and become reference of the motorhome community.

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