microáreas para autocaravanas

Micro areas for motorhomes: the new travel trend

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Posted: May 17, 2021

The current situation has given a complete turn to tourism. Not only in terms of measures to stop the pandemic, but also when it comes to reinventing itself with new formulas that continue to strengthen the sector. More now, when it seems that we begin to overcome this complicated situation and the usual activity is resumed little by little. One of the latest innovations in this regard has been the micro areas for motorhomes.

What does it consist of? Well, they are about private spaces where only one vehicle can stay overnight. This model of reservation of places opens the range of possibilities, since any space or garden can be enabled for such purposes. In addition, it is the option that many motorhome, caravan or camper travelers are looking for if they want privacy. This cocktail of options has caused motorhome micro-areas to become one of the current trends among available travel experiences.

The advantages of setting up micro areas for motorhomes

The truth is that we are not surprised that more and more hosts decide to bet on this of the small spaces. With them, a new avenue of business accessible to all has been opened. These are the benefits it brings!

  • The areas for those who they seek intimacy. Many travelers want to spend the night in places where there is no one else and they can disconnect one hundred percent. Precisely, this option one-seater it is what they need in their adventure.
  • Travel safely against COVID19. Another reason why travelers seek privacy is to keep their distance from other people, now that security meters are so necessary to fight the virus. Can you think of a better solution than private spaces?
  • Personalized service. By being aware of only one place, the hosts can adapt the service to each guest, thus improving the quality. It is an added bonus so that they want to return at another time.
  • Take advantage of unused places. If you have a garden or any other type of plot, perhaps there are areas that you are not using. Take this opportunity to give them value as a business and meet people from many parts of the world.
  • Earn money. Last but not least. Becoming a host of motorhome micro-areas also means earning money from incoming bookings. Thus, individuals with private spaces will be able to increase their profits with a small business.

Start managing your private space now

You know everything that your own micro-area can offer you, but you don't know how to start or how to spread it. No problem! Sign up as a host and we will take care of everything. You only have to put your garden or plot and set the price of the reserves. We will manage them and give you visibility on our platform and social networks. So you will start receiving travelers on board their motorhomes, caravans or campers right now.

Registration is fast and completely free. Our benefit consists of a small percentage of the price set for the reservation and we will pay off your benefits at the end of the month. Join the fashion travel trend and Áreas Autocaravanas!

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