Bologna and Tarifa in Christmas

By: Motorhome Areas - Published: December 21, 2017

Bologna and Tarifa in Christmas

Most of the people think that the beaches are a thing of the summer, but each time more and more people are to come to the beaches in the winterto enjoy miles and miles of fine sand to themselves, either to make a little bit of exercise to the rhythm of the sound of the surf, take long walks while they are sorted thoughts or to be able to take a little dip truly comforting. For a large number of people on the beach in winter is even better.

Bologna Beach you are in the ranking of the best beaches to go in the winter in addition to having been named as The Best beach in Spain to 2016, and is one of the fixed in any ranking on beaches.

This enclave is very special for several reasons. In the first place because it is one of the few beaches considered as virgins in the south of Spain. In the second place because next to the beach you will find, in perfect state of conservation, the ruins of the ancient roman city Baelo Claudia.

And to finish, because you can walk on the dune of Bologna, a picture regarding the area and that the east wind is responsible for widening little by little.

Ideal for anyone looking for lost in a wild environment and gorgeous, recommended for those who pursue the relaxation.

In addition, if you have a motorhome, in Fee-Bologna, you have a area for motorhomes where to spend the night and empty / fill liquids. You can also make advance reservation, look here.

Also if you want to enjoy activities naviedeñas go to Rate:

Planned activities in Tarifa:

Bologna and Tarifa in ChristmasDecember 23, in the church of San Francisco in starting from 21:00 hours: a Traditional concert of carols by the choir and Rondalla Rate

Until the 23 of December in the plaza Five Gold it will be possible to learn about how it is the home of santa Claus. Each evening, the well-known in other traditions as Santa Claus will be installed in this part of the Mall and there it will be possible to taste traditional desserts, such as the tram and the pestiños through the collaboration of the brotherhood of the Holy Burial.

December 25 from six in the evening: heavy Snowfall in the street Light.

The 26 and the 30 of Decemberin the Plaza of the Five of Oros the kids and not so kids can slip on the ice.

Days 2, 3 and 4 of January the square Five Golds will be hosting a children's park with workshops, bouncy castles and other proposals. All this before the drag of can scheduled for January 5 as a day prior to the visit of their Majesties of the East.

January 4, 2018: Concierto de año nuevo con la Agrupación Musical “Pintor Manuel Reiné” .

Until the 4 of Januaryin the afternoon, from 18:00 to 22:00 hours (except on 24 and 31 December): exhibition of dioramas promoted by the Association of Belenistas Rate


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