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By: Autocaravan Areas - Published: November 8, 2016

The Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Promotion of the City, Silvia Valera, presented the wine tourism program 'From Must to Wine', which will be developed in the city during the month of November, in the hands of the council and other entities, such as the Ateneo del Vino, wineries and participating establishments.

The mayor explained each of the activities included in the program related to "wine culture and wine tourism."
Thus, the activities and events are divided into three large blocks:

VIII European Wine Tourism Day, -held on Sunday, November 13-, and the International Sherry Week, from November 7 to 13, in which a multitude of events and activities related to the culture of Sherry Wines will take place throughout the week (tastings, pairings, visits to wineries, etc…) not only in our city and in the Jerez area, but also throughout Europe, including the USA, China, Japan, Australia… “It is an event that is increasingly gaining more importance worldwide and in which more than 2000 activities were registered around the world last year”, Valera pointed out.
(Info: http://www.sherry.wine/es/sherryweek)

IV Route Must, from November 11 to 27, and on this occasion 21 establishments participate. "The objective of carrying out this route is to promote the consumption of young wine from our land, and thus boost, as in other wine-producing cities in our environment, the moderate consumption of these wines and activate the Porto hotel industry in a month classified as 'season tourist low'”, explained the mayor of Tourism.

TWENTY-first Day of Fine Wine, November 18 and 19, organized by the Ateneo del Vino Fino de El Puerto de Santa Maria, and which includes these two outstanding activities:

-Friday 18 at Bodegas El Cortijo, appointment of honorary member to Javier Maldonado, technical table on "Fine wine, technique and innovation" coordinated by José Ferrer Morato (Ambassador of Sherry Wines) and showroom of Marco de Jerez wineries with Tapas at Los Portales Restaurant.

-Saturday 19 visit, tasting and lunch at Bodegas Gutiérrez Colosía.

Finally, Silvia Valera stressed that “it is a fairly complete offer to publicize our wines and our culture and history related to wine tourism, and that it includes wine tastings, visits to wineries, paired menus, conferences and exhibitions, and even competitions. of photography and a “gymcata” called “De patio en patio” ”.

For motorhomes who want to enjoy these activities, this is an opportunity not to be missed. El Puerto de Santa María has a motorhome area where you can park with surveillance and spend the night, you can read more information here. If you have any dúda please contact us.

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