The A. A. P. To claim the Board is violating its promise not to limit overnight stays

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The A. A. P. To complaint that the Board refuses to meet its promise not to limit the overnight stays in areas of overnight stays for motorhomes

“We cannot take our clients to the three days of arrival”, say entrepreneurs

Huelva, on November 25, 2017

The Delegation in Andalusia of the Association of Private areas of the Rv (A. A. P. A.) you want to take advantage of the media coverage will be the opening act of the Area of Motorhomes Guillena, Seville, presided over by the Mr. minister of Tourism and Sport of Andalusia, D. Francisco Javier Fernández Hernández, scheduled for next Sunday 26th November 2017 at 12 o'clock, to make public his disagreement with the conditions very restrictive for the areas with overnight stay of motorhomes that is going to regulate the new decree of the camps of tourism of Andalusia.

Entrepreneurs the A. P. P. To require the Administration to attend to their demands and rethink the terms in which has been drafted by the new decree of the Camps of Tourism to get in Andalusia, you can develop the tourism sector of motorhomes. According to the draft, the decree would imply that the maximum stay of a motorhome in an area will be 72 hours, something completely unheard of. With this measure, the employer will have to expel customers from their facilities.“We don't want to take our customers to the three days by the simple fact that what the law says and we only understand this as a favour to the campsites and that the Board had succumbed to his claims”, say the entrepreneurs.

“We have had three meetings with the Counseling, one of them with the deputy minister and two more with the Director-General of the department responsible for drafting and developing the new regulations, and in all of them are reassuring us that they were not going to set this type of limit on the stay and in the areas of overnight stay of motorhomes would be allowed to autocaravanistas could make use of the space outside of your vehicle deploying the awning, and using tables and portable chairs”. These points, added to the collective, are essential for the sustainability of the areas of overnight stay of the rv. “This gives us a clear competitive disadvantage with respect to the campsites, the municipal areas or facilities located in Portugal and even with other operators in the common market”.

The main consequence will be the drop in tourism in Andalusia

If the restrictive ordinance is approved, the consequences will be very negative for the tourism sector. The entrepreneurs say that Andalusia did not develop the tourist campers in favour of other neighbouring regions with similar climatic conditions such as Murcia, Valencia or the

According to the draft, the decree would imply that the maximum stay of a motorhome in an area will be 72 hours, something completely unheard of. With this measure, the employer will have to expel customers from their facilities.

Algarve. The community would lose an important segment of tourism whose high season develops during the winter. Beyond the summer season of sun and beach, Andalucía presents a good deal this time of year. In many areas remain open supermarkets, restaurants and other tourist services.

The autocaravanista is a consumer of retail, restoration, maintenance of vehicles, in pernoctas in areas and in campgrounds, performs tourist activities, entries to monuments, etc, In the end, your spending is very diverse and cross-cutting. “If this sector can not develop by the limitations imposed in the rules, you will lose all of Andalusia, you will escape a modality of tourist willing to enjoy the region”, they insist.

The Algarve, a role model

El modelo óptimo que los empresarios de la A.P.P.A proponen es el de la región portuguesa de El Algarve. Ellos reciben cada año a 45.000 autocaravanas, la mayoría procedentes del norte de Europa. Tenían un serio problema de ordenación del territorio para poder acoger a tantísimas, ya que se desarrollaba de una forma completamente informal desde un punto de vista de instalaciones. El gobierno luso estuvo durante todo un año estudiando cómo era el autocaravanismo que les llegaba para convertir ese problema en una oportunidad de desarrollo y de generación de riqueza. Se dieron cuenta de que este sector suponía unas 1.200.000 pernoctas (esto supone el 8,5% del total de las pernoctas turísticas de El Algarve), que la estancia media en la región era de 42 días y que el gasto medio diario por autocaravanista estaba entre los 35 y los 47€; además, llegaron a la conclusión de que la informalidad de este fenómeno en cuanto a los emplazamientos no dependía del número de campings que hubiera o del número de plazas disponibles, sino un claro desencuentro entre la demanda tan especifica del autocaravanista y la oferta disponible en este tipo de establecimientos.

Who are we?

The A. A. P. A. is an association of businesses, mostly family members, who manage areas of motorhomes. The Delegation of Andalusia gathers the majority of these facilities in Andalusia, with 13 facilities in eight provinces. This Association, apart from the institutional representation, represents a collaborative partnership and trade promotion since the year 2014 when they began the meetings of owners of different areas.

The main objective of the A. A. P. A. is that Andalusia is a destination of reference for the autocaravanista european, both by the quality of the facilities, the facilities in their travel, and for the welcome that is given to their arrival. Francisco Cruz, delegate of the A. P. P. A., the committee regrets that the tourism autocaravanistas in Andalusia does not enjoy the characteristics of other areas, such as Portugal. “We want Andalusia to be the destination of their travel and not the place where you have to go through to get to other destinations such as the Algarve or Morocco, where the sector is much more developed and entrenched, desestacionalizando the traditional tourism generating wealth and employment. This, even though it may seem obvious, we have to understand the administration.”

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