History and tradition, the Holy Week of Merida

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Holy Week Merida, declared Festival of International Tourist InterestStands out for the tour of the brotherhoods by different monuments located in the historic center of the city as the Arch of Trajan, the Puente Romano, the Alcazaba Arabic or Temple of Diana, give a unique touch to the Easter Extremadura.

A celebration that takes as a reference point and the solemn procession Via Crucis with the image of the Holy Christ of O at dawn on Holy Thursday and is done in complete silence until arriving inside the grounds of the Roman Amphitheater.

The roman monuments of Mérida became one of the biggest attractions during the Holy Week processions

The popular procession of "borriquita" which comes from the Co-cathedral of Santa Maria Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week in Merida.

Many sororities often choose paths to elapse by most famous landmarks and monuments, which produces very intense and exciting moments.

Thus, the Arch of Trajanthe Temple of Diana or the roman bridge over the Guadiana river become these days a singular stage for religious images. One of the most special events is the dawn of the Via Crucis, which is done in complete silence until Roman amphitheatre.

Holy Week is one of the most profound and deep-rooted fiestas celebrated in Spain. This commemoration has centuries of history and tradition, and in it the passion and death of Jesus Christ is remembered.

The streets of most cities and towns in Spain become the stage for religious fervor and devotion, in which grief and meditation to remembering Christ's death, with music, art intermingle, colorful and magic processions, solemn parades in which crowds of people accompany religious images.

Not all processions

Merida gastronomy is another factor to consider. This city has plenty of restaurants where tapas or where to taste typical local dishes.

Merida is a Roman city "Emerita Augusta" who had a fascinating history that has left us enormous typical samples of its rich heritage. From here we recommend the essential monuments to visit:

Roman theatre, may be smaller than others who are in the world, yes it is one of the most beautiful and best-preserved. It has two large bodies of columns in marble with statues of emperors were deified.

Amphitheater in Merida, one of the great monuments of Merida. The Romans worshiped the popular shows with gladiators and wild beasts. In the arena of the amphitheater used simulated jungles and forests, recreating battles and events of all kinds. They came to fit more than 15,000 people.

The House of Mitreo, It is a stately home half of the first century A.D. which was found by chance in 1960. In this house can be mosaics and frescoes of the time on the ground floor. Nothing remains of the supposed top floor which once had, according to historians.

Roman circus of Mérida, Large proportions, its dimensions are 403 meters long by 96 wide, With a capacity it became 30,000 spectators.

Archaeological zone, EsteWhere you can find remains of all periods in the history of the city. Prehistory, Rome, Visigoths, Muslims and even modern times are represented here.

And many other interesting The Crypt of Santa Eulalia or the Aqueduct of the Miracles.

Area Rv Roman Theatre of Mérida

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Areas RvArea Roman Theatre of Mérida

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