viaje por la costa cantábrica

Keys for your trip along the Cantabrian coast

By: Áreas Autocaravanas - Published: 16 May, 2023

When summer arrives, many travelers go to the sea to cool off and rest during the months that seem to be the hottest throughout the year. It is not necessary to take a bath, if we take into account those destinations with colder waters. For some people, the sea breeze is enough, but yes, there are also brave people who endure the low temperatures of seas such as the Cantabrian. Either way, we are going to tell you some details so that your trip along the Cantabrian coast be perfect.

In this case, we are going to focus on the specific area of ​​the Cantabria region, the same area that gives its name to the northernmost sea in Spain. Look out from its impressive cliffs or go down to its natural beaches to enjoy a spectacle for the senses, to which you must add the charming fishing villages that have formed the idiosyncrasy of the area.

The best beaches in Cantabria

Between its limits with the Basque Country and Asturias are some of the most spectacular beaches on the entire Cantabrian coast, so we assure you an unforgettable trip. Among all the beaches, we can highlight some such as those of We are, Laredo or Comillas.

Of course, the bravery of the Cantabrian makes it a perfect destination for surfers and lovers of other water sports. Do you dare to ride the waves with your board or learn to do them with one of the numerous surf schools that exist there?

Laredo Beach

Natural paradise on the Cantabrian coast

In addition to the beach offer, on your trip along the Cantabrian coast you can visit some of the parks and nature reserves in the region. Step into the colossal Picos de Europa National Park, where there are many villages between mountains, amazing natural landscapes and first-class cuisine. Likewise, the Picos de Europa Park is a place for very adventurous sports, such as climbing or hiking, in case you are looking for something quieter.

Another place in the middle of nature that you cannot miss is the Santoña, Victoria and Joyel Marshes Natural Park, formed by a group of wetlands where aquatic birds predominate. This characteristic has made it an ideal area for bird watching.

Beautiful cities by the sea

In addition to the natural component, Cantabria and its coast have some of the main cities in the region, starting with its capital: Santander. Its privileged location made it a destination for the nobility and even for former kings of Spain, as evidenced by the palaces scattered along the sea. Among them, the Palacio de la Magdalena stands out, which was the summer residence of Alfonso XIII.

Other cities with a rich artistic and cultural heritage that you can visit during your trip along the Cantabrian coast are Comillas or Castro Urdiales.

Aerial view of Santander

Where to spend the night with your motorhome on the Cantabrian coast?

Whether travel by motorhome, caravan, camper or minivan, the Cantabrian coast has an exclusive space where you can book a place in advance and stay overnight during your trip. It is located a few kilometers from the beach of San Vicente de la Barquera, so you can easily move around the entire Cantabrian coast.

Reserve your place in the Camper Area Motorhomes Cantabria!

To learn about other travel proposals by the sea, do not miss our exclusive guide to routes along the coast. You can download it totally free by clicking on the banner below.

Image with button to download coast guide

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