plan para anfitriones de áreas autocaravanas

The plan for the new hosts of Motorhome Areas

By: Áreas Motorcaravans - Published: 19 February, 2021

While we continue to defeat this damn virus, it seems that 2021 will continue to be marked by proximity displacement in terms of travel and leisure. For that very reason, motorhomes will continue to be the travel trend that will recover national tourism. Its characteristics make it the perfect option: own space and belongings, it can be done with the nearby environment, spend the night outdoors, etc. So… are you ready to receive travelers next summer? We have the perfect plan for hosts who join the Motorhome Areas platform.

The keys to keep in mind

  • We attend a Increased demand. Every day more travelers are interested in discovering new destinations in a closer radius.
  • This increase in demand is not just for overnight stays. Motorhome, caravan and camper drivers are looking for new experiences and leisure activities.
  • Travelers prioritize advance reservations. Securing the place and finding out about the conditions of the place where they are going to spend the night is part of the necessary prior planning.
  • With the exponential growth of electronic commerce, the number of travelers who choose to Online Booking.
  • are valued the safety and health measures, even more so in the current context.
  • The offer of areas and spaces continues to increase.
  • Under these circumstances, the need to be visible and be positioned on the Internet It's fundamental.

How to adapt to the new reality and receive travelers? The plan for hosts of Motorhome Areas.

We have elaborated a perfect strategic plan for new area hosts. With this calendar for the next three months, you will have easier visibility on the Internet and you will begin to receive a greater flow of reservations:

  1. February: sign up as a host. It is very simple. And also free. You only need to provide your data or that of your company and gather the best photos of your facilities or experiences. Once we receive your request to register as a host, we will review and approve it. If you have doubts, you can contact our team and review all the general terms and conditions.
  2. March: upload your available spaces. If you have already registered and we have approved your request, it is time to upload your space to the platform totally free. Because being part of our platform is always free. Our team has the necessary experience in the motorhome sector to help you at all times and you yourself will set the prices you want as a host in your area. We do not impose any pricing policy. You can also freely decide the calendar and the number of places offered, as well as the extra services. Once the photos and data of your space have been uploaded, our team of experts will improve the file so that it is more visible on the Internet.
  3. April: begins to receive reservations. Well, your space or experience is already part of Motorhome Areas and is ready to receive reservations. From this moment you benefit completely free of all the advertising and communication campaigns of the platform. We will manage the payments and possible cancellations, in addition to liquidating your benefits each month. Our business model is based on a percentage of reservations made, so your settlements will always be positive.

Between now and summer, you will begin to see the desired results and receive a greater number of travelers. you will discover in situ the benefits of becoming a host. Together, we will give the necessary impetus to resume motorhome activity. We are the platform of areas for motorhomes largest in Spain and we want you to also be part of this great traveling community.

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