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Lagos, a destination with some of the best beaches in the Algarve

By: Campervan Areas - Published: 13 September, 2021

Who said that you can't enjoy the beaches beyond July and August? Although it is true that they are the most desirable months, the rest of the year is also perfect for bathing or taking a walk. That already depends on the time, of course. We have ventured to visit one of the most famous destinations on the Portuguese coast: Lagos, west of the Algarve.

This town has a series of characteristics that make it a very interesting travel project, both for its beaches and for its history and gastronomic offer. We are going to review each one of them so that you can delve into the charms of Lagos and its surroundings. We can already tell you that you are going to really want to go there!

The labyrinth of streets in Lagos is living history of the Algarve

The history of Lagos begins in 2000 BC, when the Conios founded the settlement of Lacóbriga. In fact, the term is still used today lacobrigense as a gentilicio of the inhabitants of the city.

Since its founding, numerous civilizations have passed through there: Carthaginians, Romans, Muslims and Christians. These last two are the ones that keep a more present footprint. Of the Muslims the distribution of the narrow streets of the old town, an authentic labyrinth where it is worth getting carried away to discover the true charm of Lagos. The city also preserves its essence as an ancient strategic point of Portugal at sea, as many boats were built there that were used by Portuguese explorers in the New World.

Its importance as a strategic port is demonstrated with the Fuerte Ponta da Bandeira, which was built to defend the city during the Portuguese Restoration War in the s. XVII.

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From Lagos to Ponte Da Piedade: a succession of paradisiacal beaches

Although Lagos is located at the mouth of the Bensafrim River, if we continue down south, along the shore where the city is located, we will reach one of the most impressive natural monuments in the Algarve: the Piedade Bridge. This set of rock formations offers essential views of the Atlantic and the closest points of the Algarve coast. We recommend that you take a place at the top of the cliff and witness some high-altitude sunsets, literally and figuratively. In addition, there are several paths enabled to travel and enjoy the whole environment. Another option is to access the Walk of the Grottoes and go down to sea level to feel yourself in the depths of the place.

Similarly, one of the main tourist attractions in the Algarve are the coves located between Lagos and the Ponte da Piedade. They are small sandy areas at the foot of the cliffs, in a very peculiar environment (and photogenic, everything is said).

We warn you that you must go down and then climb quite a few steps, but it is well worth it for the beauty of the beaches. These stand out for the clarity of the water and the variety of shapes that the ocean has shaped for millennia. We highlight the main ones, mentioned in order from north to south:

  • students' beach.
  • Dona Ana beach.
  • Camilo's beach.
  • Praia da Libra (difficult to access).

One of the favorite options for visitors to Lagos is to take a kayak route from the port of Lagos to the Ponte da Piedade, reaching into the picturesque caves that are hidden between the cliffs.

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A varied offer of local and international gastronomy

The fact that it has become a very tourist destination has made Lagos a multicultural hotbed, while preserving its Portuguese essence. Thanks to this, we not only find bars and restaurants with the most typical dishes of Portuguese gastronomy. You will also find establishments to taste typical British breakfasts, Indian, Italian or even Mexican cuisine. Not bad at all to plan a route that covers a bit of everything!

Where to spend the night with your motorhome in Algarve, near Lagos?

Although we do not have an area in the city itself or its surroundings, the Área Autocaravanas Mikki’s Place to Stay It is a recommendation that you could use great. It is located in a strategic point from which to reach Lagos or other cities in the Algarve such as Lighthouse.

In the following article you have more information on how to visit the most interesting places around the world. Algarve by motorhome.

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