The adventures that await you for the bridge of November


The november bridge is coming and it's time to think about what you are going to do during the three days of rest that you are going to enjoy. This period is always one of the favorites for travelers, since it coincides in a time when it is no longer hot. At the same time, the cold has not yet made an appearance in its maximum splendor, so the combination is perfect to make a adventurous getaway.

There is nothing like going into natural surroundings and exercising your body a bit to disconnect. That is our proposal for those of you who want to hit the road on the next holidays. And to make planning easier for you, we are not just going to present you a series of adventurous proposals that you are going to like a lot. We have also prepared some recommendations to know where to spend the night very close!

Visit to the Doñana Park

visit Doñana on the November bridgeWe are not exaggerating when we say that Doñana It is one of the main lungs of Spain. This ecosystem includes all kinds of species of fauna and flora, among which Iberian pines and lynxes they are its greatest emblems. Autumn is a very interesting season to make a guided tour of Doñana, since it is the moment in which some birds leave to spend the winter in Africa and others arrive to take their place for the next few months. With a bit of luck, you could also witness the last days of the deer bellowing.

Although it is distributed between Seville, Cádiz and Huelva, it is in the latter province where the park occupies a greater area of ​​land, especially in the municipality of Almonte. Right there is the Finca Casa Halcón, with a space reserved for motorhomes and caravans.

Know the bowels of the earth

Many do not know it, but in Andalusia there is one of the few visitable caves with cave paintings. In the Serranía de Ronda, the Cave of the Pool it is a great gallery under the mountain. Its length is several kilometers, although only part of it is accessible. That's enough to be impressed by the geological formations and the large number of prehistoric works of art. Although the antiquity of many of them continues to be investigated, some are already dated to more than 20,000 years ago. Surely you have not seen such an ancient artistic expression, have you? Well this is your chance!

Before going there, it is advisable to make an appointment. On the other hand, we also suggest that you also make your reservation first to spend the night with your vehicle. You have very close to there Ronda City Area, which will also allow you to visit this city and its gorge.

The Cíes Islands, quieter in the November bridge

boat trip through the Cíes IslandsAlthough this destination is more common during the summer, now you will have the opportunity to know it with less bustle. Who doesn't like a walk on the beach outside of the summer season? Well, in the Cíes Islands there are up to nine, and of all sizes. In addition, the Boat tour up there will also make you enjoy the views of the Low rivers.

To take a boat, it is best to start from the ports of Cangas or Bueu, which by the way are very close to the Camper Car Playa Arneles.

Hiking around the Saliencia Lakes

We know that Asturias It is one of the favorite destinations for motorhomes. The beauty of its beaches and mountains are its main claims. That without forgetting the gastronomy, of course. On this occasion, we are going to take you to the Lakes of Saliencia, within the Somiedo Natural Park.

If you are fond of hiking, this activity you will like. Besides, it is easy to carry out for all types of audiences, so it interests those of you who travel as a family. The number of kilometers already depends on the circumstances of each one. There are routes ranging from 1.5 km to 14.3.

Given the proximity of Somiedo with the province of León, you have access from the The motorhomes area Moriscal.

How could it be otherwise, the current circumstances force us to take all preventive measures. Luckily, we have put together a guide to traveling safely. With the advice that we have prepared for you, you will be able to continue touring our country protecting your health and that of other travelers who cross your path. Happy bridge in November!

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