Relive the vintage. Cava Nadal. Barcelona

Host: Caves Nadal

From: 32,00

Experience the grape harvest in person by a walking around the Finca Nadal of Boadella. You will discover the history of their strains and varieties that are grown; taste the grapes directly from the vine, explore the vineyard to find the Gold Cluster. By means of a field will look for the grape of better quality. Don't miss the magic of the harvest and pick the grapes of moscatel directly from the vineyard, collect them in the beautiful basket and extract their essences yourself with a miniature press prepared for the occasion. Taste the flower must freshly pressed and harvest your own grapes of moscato that you can bring home in a box, a gift from Nadal. Subsequently, we will press the grapes, see how the grape flower are fermeted and witness the first steps of the prodigy to make it into the cavas and white wines noble of Nadal.

After a visit to the wine cellar to more than 20m in depth, we will finish the visit with a tasting of our wine, Nadal X White and cava Reserva and Gran Reserva.

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2h approx.
It includes:
Visit to the vineyards, presses, wine cellar and cava founding, workshop, pressing of the wine and the tasting of grape must, freshly pressed, straw hat, box 1 kilo of grapes of muscat, tasting of 4 sparkling wines and white wines noble.
Minimum of 2 to 30 people
Consult start of the grape harvest
Monday to Sunday-time from harvest to 11.30 h
/ Relive the vintage. Cava Nadal. Barcelona
Under 18 years free
Host: Caves Nadal