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This is an educational tourism activity of getting out to sea to locate and identify the whales and dolphins that live and cross the Strait of Gibraltar.

Schedules and departures are always subject to the weather conditions, therefore the reservations should always be consulted and confirmed. Usually we do excursions in the morning and in the afternoon.

  • Duration of the Activity 3h (To see Orcas)
  • Insurance of the vessels and of the passengers.
  • All boats are licensed and adapted for the activity of whale watching.
  • All boats are equipped with all the required safety measures.


  • Adults: 65€
  • / Whale and Dolphin Watching. Tarifa.Cádiz/ Whale and Dolphin Watching. Tarifa.Cádiz
  • / Whale and Dolphin Watching. Tarifa.Cádiz: 20€
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Whale watching

/ Whale and Dolphin Watching. Tarifa.Cádiz
In addition to the sperm Whales can be observed during almost all the year. The Orcas we observe them in July and August, and Fin whales cross the Strait in their migratory route between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

The boat trips are made from Tarifa and Algeciras, with the weather conditions and the sea, the determining factors for choosing the output port. The boats are manned by professionals of the sea, and the tours guided by specialists in Cetaceans, which help passengers to find the animals and interpret their behavior.
Since the beginning of this activity, the Biologists take their data from the sightings, which are the basis for studies of populations and for regulations that will ensure the sustainability of the action and the conservation of the resource.

The beauty of the Whale in this southern end of Europe is indescribable: the animals surrounding our boats, nosing the passengers and playing with the bows.

HOST: turrets

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