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Monogestión AC

MONOGESTION AC S.L. is the only Company specialized in paperwork, commercialization and consultancy services for motorhoming in Spain. 

The motorhoming tourism is growing in Europe, where we can find almost 2 million of motor homes. More than 4 million of people in Europe and 450.000 families go to Spain each year.

Motorhoming tourism is on the rise in Europe, where we can find almost 2 million motor homes. More than 4 million people in Europe and 450,000 families go to Spain each year. In Spain, more than 50000 families use motorhomes and this is constantly on the increase.

However, in Spain motorhoming is not as popular as it is in Europe. The shortage of motorhome sites, areas where you can park your motorhome and take care of all its needs, is notable.
It’s a excellent opportunity for Public Administration and also for the enterprises to take advantage of this type of tourism.

This is an excellent opportunity for public administrations and also for companies to take advantage of this type of tourism.

If you are individual, company or public administration and are interested in participating in this growing sector, get in touch. We would like to offer you all our knowledge.

Corporate purpose

Global paperwork for the motor industry (parking areas, service areas, replacement parts, commercialization, marinas, garages, logistics, purchasing and renting, import and export activities). Organization of events, exhibitions, fairs and trips related to this sector.

Service lines.

  • Consultancy services for the creation of Sites motorhomesMotorhome Sites.
  • Feasibility plans.
  • Market studies.
  • Inclusion on www.areasautocaravanas.com
  • Prioritizing in search engines with key words. Work on SEO.
  • Advertising industry on the web.
  • Advertising on Google Maps.
  • Participation in forums and distribution groups of Areas autocaravanas Sites in Spain.
  • Tasks community manager (Facebook in particular).
  • Analysis of the client profile through Google Analytics.
  • Inclusion in camping site guides.
  • Press releases in sector magazines.
  • Contact with national and international motorhomes associations and clubs.
  • Creation of welcome brochures and registration forms.
  • Special offers for clubs and associations to organize events at the Areas autocaravanasSite.
  • Report public tourism stakeholders in the region.
  • Special offers for users of this Areas autocaravanasarea (monuments, theme parks, restaurants…)
  • Creation of brochures for potential visitors.
  • Labeling motorhome.
  • Attendance at sector fairs.
  • Telephone advice for foreign clients.
  • Contact with public administrations.
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Monogestión AC

P.I. De la Vega del Rey C/Jimena de la Frontera 314 buzón 2 11380 Tarifa (Cádiz)

B90088337 | info@monogestionac.com | (0034) 659057004

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Equipo Monogestión AC

Sandra Fernández-Arias

Community Manager and Customer Service

  • sandra.fernandezarias@monogestionac.com
  • (0034) 619261325

Juan María Carrión Gómez

Services Marketing and Expansion

  • juanmaria.carrion@monogestionac.com
  • (0034) 659057004